Monday 28 November 2011

Clear skies produced an overnight frost, but the cloud soon rolled in to leave a chilly, overcast day. I was still looking forward to getting out this afternoon after work though, however, as I neared home, I could hear the sound of chainsaws coming from the Lake area, never a good thing!

I made the visit to the lakes anyway, passing through the Small Holding, only to find that it was being ''tidied up'' and a bonfire raging away. The Wet Woods were filled with drifting smoke, and the noise of chainsaws was much louder. I arrived at the Lakes to find the nearby large house,  was having its Oak trees ''Lollipoped''  this is the third winter running that this has been going on   :-(  . Needless to say, with the noise of the chainsaws, and the even noisier chipping machine that was being fed the limbs of the Oaks, nothing at all was seen on any of the lakes, so i hastily made my way to the Tree Nursery and Pub Field.

Just a couple of GREEN WOODPECKERS and a MEADOW PIPIT were in the nursery, but the Pub Field had 45 BLACK HEADED GULLS and the best part of the 150 odd LAPWING flock that were here yesterday. A look around the Greenhouse Complex, and its hedgerow that borders Migrant Alley, only produced the likes of WREN, ROBIN, DUNNOCK, PIED WAGTAIL, and BLACKBIRD,  plus five GOLDFINCH and a lone SISKIN that were feeding  in an Alder tree, while overhead the only notable was 3 FIELDFARE. Thats just about all there was time for this afternoon, 15:30 and dusk was rolling in! 

In all a very frustrating visit, the chainsaw gang could be around for days, making the likelyhood of finding anything new for the month, ( the lakes are the most likely source of something different) very long odds  :-(  Oh well, I'll try again tomorrow, you never know, something might turn up elsewhere  :-)


Unknown said...

Interessado em aves? Vai ver a página Birds of the World, onde podes aprender um pouco sobre uma espécie diferente todos os dias!

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Thought you'd know by now that trees have to look like lollipops - can't have those branches sweeping majestically down to the ground can we!


Warren Baker said...

Does anyone know what Pedro is saying ? :-)

Warren Baker said...

I blame those victorian landscapers!!!

Bob Bushell said...

Interested in birds? You will see the page Birds of the World, where you can learn a little about a different kind every day!
Thats what Pedro said.
No pictures today? But, you were in the, what are they doing, chopping those trees to peice?????????

Anonymous said...

You`re not having much luck with non-disturbance, are you, Warren ?

Phil said...

Never say die Warren. Last day of the month tomorrow, don't let us down:-)

Ken. said...

Hi Warrren.
It sounds like murder on your patch at the moment, all that disruption. I hope things start to improve for you.Last day tommorrow for November, lets hope you see something to up your total, even 1species will be better than none.

P.S. Phil and I was wondering, what equipment do you use for your photographs, they are really good shots.
I too have had comments from Pedro, and I thought the same... What the, hell is he saying? It could be crap for all I know :-)

Sharon said...

You never know Warren, you could get the 2 species needed tomorrow! I hope the disturbance doesn't last too long for you tho :(
Love the photos of the fox & bumblebee by the way from your previous post.