Tuesday 8 November 2011

I didn't think the weather could get any drearier than yesterday, but I was wrong, today was worse!  A persistent drizzle fell, coating everything in a wet film, and the cloud hung low, grey and and foreboding, yep, today was off the scale on the Gloom-o-meter!

When I arrived home from work this afternoon the 25kg sack of wheat that I ordered at the weekend was sitting on the doorstep, so after a bit of lunch, I took 5kg of it and spread it around the base of the tall hedge over at Migrant Alley, i'll add to it daily, and with luck next week it will have attracted some birds  :-)

As I approached the tall hedge, a few GOLDFINCH were sitting at one end, with a KESTREL at the other, don't want too much of the latter species hanging around this spot! A couple of SKYLARKS were heard out on the adjacent sheep pasture, and a lone HERRING GULL loomed out of the misty gloom as it went over.

I walked over to the Lakes next, passing through the Tree Nursery, where 6 MEADOW PIPIT were flushed up by a SPARROWHAWK whizzing low over, I also had a quick scan of the Pub Field, but there wasn't any Lapwing today, just a dozen BLACK HEADED GULLS. On the main lake, I could barely see across to the other side, but thought I could see my first Canada Goose of the month amongst the overhanging branches, however, when I looked through my bins it turned out to be two male MALLARDS and a male MANDARIN duck standing above them on a branch, just goes to show how poor the light was today!! Whilst I counted the Mallard of which there were 11, and MOORHEN of which there were 4, a pair of CORMORANTS dropped in and began to fish, I watched them successfully gobble down a couple of tiddlers, before they flew off elsewhere. The two smaller satellite lakes had another 8 Mallard and 6 Moorhen between them, but there was no sign of my first Kingfisher for the month, the November list was augmented however, when two STOCK DOVES (57) alighted in a tall silver birch tree, about time I found this species!

Not much else was seen of any note as I made my way home in the ever diminishing light, FIELDFARE, SISKIN, and LESSER REDPOLL were heard going over, but I was home for 4 o'clock.   :-(


Derek Faulkner said...

Have a look at the KOS Database Warren, there's stacks of good birds about at the moment, especially on Sheppey. And remember who it was that was wishing for some autumnal weather when it was warm and sunny a few weeks ago, sometimes you get what you wish for and find you don't like it.

Alan Pavey said...

It certainly was gloomy mate! Stephen still managed to find a Woodlark here today!!

Marc Heath said...

what a naff day weather wise. There are birds about, just got to hope one pays you a visit.

Warren Baker said...

Derek, it's only the gloom I don't like, I'll take the rest of it :-), better than roasting hot!

Alan, Steve certainly has the knack of finding good birds :-)

Marc, I'm ready and waiting for those birds! I generally get one nice surprise in November!

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Those stockies'll make short work of your wheat if the local pheasants don't find it first



Anonymous said...

Typical November weather, Warren. Just you wait for the first clear spell. Things will start moving again.