Thursday 24 November 2011

Raspberries galore - if the birds want them!

A bit of brightness today made for a much more interesting patch visit. My wanderings over to the Lakes took me through the Small Holding first, and here a dozen CHAFFINCH, a NUTHATCH, a TREECREEPER, GREAT SPOTTED and GREEN WOODPECKER, plus a couple of JAYS, made it a better visit already than the whole of yesterdays! The Wet Woods was still empty though, as was the footpath from there to the lake area. The Lakes between them had only the Usual MALLARDS and MOORHEN today, but a GREY HERON dropped in for a quick forage, before flying off again.

The adjacent Scrubby Woods was again checked out for a possible Woodcock, but no luck again today, I dont seem to get this species on my patch unless there some hard weather about, there were a few thrushes about though, and some song was had from the SONGTHRUSH. A GOLDCREST, a COAL TIT and a few BULLFINCH'S made up the more notable species here. One species that I'm not getting this Autumn/Winter is the Marsh Tit, one, sometimes two, have overwintered in recent years, but this Autumn there are none, lets hope one turns up for next years list!

By 15:00hrs the light was fading, as it does at this time of year, so i made my way to the Tree Nursery and Pub Field, the former had just MAGPIES, and a couple of CARRION CROWS, the Meadow Pipits have moved on from here it seems. A squinted look through the hedgerow and over the Pub field revealed the usual band of BLACK HEADED GULLS, but today 12 LAPWING had returned  :-)

There was just enough time to go over to the tall hedge at Migrant Alley, passing through the Greenhouse Complex on the way I noticed the raspberries under polytunnels had been uncovered from there plastic sheeting, the leftover berries are there for the taking if any birds want them, however not a bird was interested! At Migrant Alley I was pleased to see a ROBIN had taken up the vacant territory at the tall hedge left by its unfortunate predecessor, lets hope it doesn't end up as Sprawk dinner like the last one! Walking the Tall hedge I saw BLACKBIRD, GREAT and BLUE TIT, but no Yellowhammers today, probably because most of the wheat grain I put down has now gone. Over head, a flock of 43 FIELDFARE flew over, and a SKYLARK called from somewhere out on the sheep pasture, but the wished for flyover Mute swan, or Little Egret to add to the months list, were not forthcoming  :-(

Walking home along Ashes Lane, between the Tree Nursery and the Greenhouse Complex, there was just enough light to see around 45 LINNETS coming in to roost.

New Robin at the tall hedge



Anonymous said...

Cracking shots, Warren.

Warren Baker said...

Cheers Dean, Light at last :-)

Bob Bushell said...

Brilliant raspberries and Robin shots.

Tim James said...

I love the colours in the raspberry shot.

Sharon said...

Aww a new Robin - yay.
You'd best put some more wheat out for the Yellowhammers, Warren :)
I'm not taking sides or anything but I saw a fleeting glimpse of a Sprawk in our garden this afternoon - great excitement as it's the 1st one I've seen around here - of course, it meant the feeders were empty for the rest of the day - but I'm glad we've finally got a bird of prey :)

Warren Baker said...

oooh! Be carefull Shaz, if that sprawk gets to used to your garden you'll lose your Robin!! :-)

- Yvonaut -
Das sind Raphael und Yvonne

Very nice raspberries, they look tasty!
Great bird shots!
Have a nice weekend!
Yvonne und Raphael

Millhouse Photography said...

Excellent Robin shots Warren, lovely colours in the background.