Saturday 10 March 2012

The fine warm and  sunny weather didn't arrive until gone midday, leaving me with the cool and cloudy conditions for the patch walk, only half of which could be covered as it's the ''Hadlow College Lambing Weekend'' and I had no intention of covering the college grounds with that lot going on  :-)

That said, I did have quite a good 3 and half hour visit around the rest of the patch, finding 47 species in all, and again it could easily have been 50 had the regular Nuthatch, Bullfinch and Kestrel showed up! I didn't find the first spring migrant today, but a few of the winter species were still about, those being 4 REDWING in the Small Holding, at least one SISKIN over the Wet Woods, two MEADOW PIPITS at the Tree Nursery and five LESSER REDPOLL at the Scrubby Woods, two came down to the nearby feeding station for a Niger breakfast.

The adjacent lakes had a GREY HERON and a CORMORANT, 3 pairs of MALLARD and probably 3 pairs of MOORHENS, the COOTS numbers were down to just the paired up couple, the other two singles weren't seen today, also, a KINGFISHER (57) my first this month was seen flying low over the water, - I'm still 14 species behind the best ever March total though!

There were at least 8 YELLOWHAMMER in the bird crop at the west end of Ashes Lane, with two giving some song, other noteworthy species were a COMMON BUZZARD sitting on a fence post at the NW patch boundary, numerous sightings of the male SPARROWHAWK hunting on patch, and 3 LINNET at Migrant Alley.

MISTLE THRUSH song had increased this morning, and one pair were seen carrying nest material, a pair of LONG TAILED TITS were also seen collecting feathers for their nest building  :-)

In the gloomy conditions, I only got the chance to photograph one subject - a CARRION CROW which was foraging on a manure heap at Migrant Alley.
Carrion Crow
Carrion Crow
In the sunny conditions later that afternoon a quick scan round the paddocks and fields at Migrant Alley was had, as well as an hours sky watching, but nothing else was added to the days sightings. A few garden bird photo's were obtained from the obliging finch's, here's the SISKIN, but i'll save the rest for tomorrow :-)


Alan Pavey said...

Well done with the Kingfisher, still struggling to find them here.

Warren Baker said...

Hi Alan,
This could be the last month for a while that I see them, as they go off to breed elsewhere unfortunately

Anonymous said...

Cracking Crow shots, Warren. My Kingfishers have done a disappearing act. Not seen one for about 10 month, now.

Warren Baker said...

They will be back Dean :-) Until then, let me bask in the knowledge that I have seen one species that you havn't this year (yet!) ;-)

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Crackin Crow pics, excellent definition inn the feathers.

Shame about your other coots hope they come back



Rohrerbot said...

Warren, great shot of the Carrion Crow. I'm trying to do the search of the Kingfisher. It will happen. I've been reading the birder hotline and I will find them here:) It's just needs to be a tad warmer and they'll be back again:)

ShySongbird said...

Lovely plumage detail on the Crow, Warren.

Oh, for even a glimpse of a Kingfisher!! I'm starting to forget what they look like ;-)