Tuesday 13 March 2012

This afternoon was very gloomy, and it felt cool under the leaden skies, what a turn around in the weather in just 24 hours!

I spent just a couple of hours out, and did manage to find some bits and pieces of interest for the afternoon, one of those being a fine pair of MANDARIN DUCKS in the Wet Woods, plenty of holey trees in there if they fancied breeding here, I did record them as a breeding species last year for the first time, but I didn't find the nest hole, just the newly fledged young on the lake.

The lakes today were unremarkable, the pair of COOTS were still present, with a few male MALLARDS and two MOORHEN, however a quick check of the nearby garden, that has some feeders kindly provided, gave me good views of 4 LESSER REDPOLL. Whilst there, I listened to the song of a CHIFFCHAFF, probably the one that arrived here yesterday, my first Chiffy song of the year  :-)

The only other notable species recorded this afternoon were FIELDFARES, at least 60 flew over in a loose flock.

I felt a bit cheated this afternoon, after all that lovely sunny spring weather we've had recently, but the enthusiasm returned when I arrived home. I had just sat down to watch the garden feeders, after refilling them, when, what pops in ?  A BRAMBLING (73, 60) fantastic! What a relief to get one on the year list at last, thought I might have missed this winter beauty !

The light was terrible, but I fired off a few record shots, this one was just about the best of a poor lot!
First Brambling of the year.
 The only other photo I got was of the friendly Robin  :-)
My friendly Robin - always good for a photo when all else has failed  :-)


Marc Heath said...

Nice one with the Brambling, not been many around at all. I missed a Garganey at Reculver tonight, aaahhhhhhh!

Warren Baker said...

Maybe it will stay for a day or two :-) Be a nice bird to miss off your list if not!


Of course, the robin photo just has me at hello! Beautiful images. Thanks for posting and nice to have found your work.

Anonymous said...

I`m saying nothing, Warren. Other than i`m green with envy at you getting Brambling in your garden.

Warren Baker said...

Your day will come mate :-)

Alan Pavey said...

Hey! you're catching me up!! Nice one Warren, they really have been scarce this winter.

Mike H said...

At last Warren,and a photo to boot. Had one in our garden when the snow came but only stayed around two days, looking at that pile of sunflower seeds yours should be around a while!

Rohrerbot said...

LOL! You always have that reliable Robin shot:)! Great find in your garden.....that is very exciting....and a beautiful bird. Good hunting tomorrow..

Ken. said...

Lets hope that you find the tree with the nest hole, if the Mandarin's do breed there.
You did well seeing the Brambling, right place, right time.

ShySongbird said...

Sorry for such a late comment, Warren! I thought I did it earlier.

Very well done on the Brambling, they seem very few and far between this year. I do hope I haven't missed one in my garden this time.

Love that Robin's face :-)

Warren Baker said...

I thought you were busy out enjoying that sunshine :-) :-)

J said...

Great to get a Brambling in your garden. I haven't seen any this winter!