Wednesday 7 March 2012

The forecast wet weather duly arrived, raining for most of the day, needless to say the heaviest of the rain was reserved for the afternoon, which put pay to a patch visit today  :-(

On the bright side, later in the afternoon a short brighter interlude was had, so I was able to get some photo's of some of the birds visiting my feeders. I was experimenting with the camera a bit today, using different exposures, so some of the photo's are a bit soft  :-)

At least tomorrow looks a much better prospect for getting out, I dont think I missed any spring migrants this afternoon though, it's still a few days too early yet, the earliest Chiffchaff I have had here, and invariably they are the first of the spring migrants, was on the 10th March, back in my second year of recording in 2003.   :-)

Todays photo's..........



ShySongbird said...

Obviously as grotty there as here then!

Errm, I see no photos....???

Alan Pavey said...

Fantastic shots Warren, a nice selection of birds too. It does look better tomorrow so fingers crossed :-)

Warren Baker said...

Sorry! I clicked the publish button in stead of the ''add photo'' icon :-) ooops!!

Oh, and yes, it was a mostly miserable day :-(

Roll on tomorrow :-)

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Alan,
Not quite happy with all the shots, I had to rush 'em off, as a big black cloud was approaching!!

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Like the black background on the last two siskins - great stuff.



ShySongbird said...

They were definitely worth waiting for :-) lovely and colourful on a miserable evening GSW and Siskin in one afternoon...brilliant, well done Warren!

Phil said...

Some great garden shots Warren. Just seen the forecast and it looks good right through the weekend!

Warren Baker said...

Thanks for all the photo comments :-)

Though as Davo says, some of the background effects steal the lime light ! Still a lot to learn about this photography lark!

Marc Heath said...

Quality wise Warren, probably your best set yet.

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Marc,
Hope I can reach your standard one day ;-)

Bob Bushell said...

I love the Great Spotted Woodpecker, brilliant photo.

Rohrerbot said...

Great shots Warren! I really like your pic of the Starling. The design on the upper wings is really unique. That woodpecker is beautiful. Not bad. I have to work on turning down my exposure on the camera because the shots are coming out really bright. And I need to get it done before the weekend:)

Jason K said...

Warren..I think we are all getting that pre-Spring summer migrant anticipation.

My earliest patch Chiffchaff was on 11th March in 2010. Average date is 13th March here

Millhouse Photography said...

Beautiful woodpecker image Warren, and I've had two siskins today!

kirstallcreatures said...

Lovely Great Spotted Woodpecker Warren, Linda