Friday 30 March 2012

Warm and sunny again this afternoon, but according to the weather forecasters it will be the final warm day, the weekend will be much cooler and cloudier - still, it was good while it lasted  :-)

With it being so summer like, I headed off to find some Butterflies at the Tree Nursery, where a few species did turn up, all the same ones as yesterday though, those being Orange Tip, Small Tortoiseshell, Small White, and Holly Blue, only the latter stayed for a photo, but it was a poor effort, I was back on the 500mm lens, added to that I can never seem to get the exposure right with these holly blues!
Holly Blue
I kept an eye and ear out for the birdlife whilst there, and as well as the usual GREEN WOODPECKERS, PHEASANT, WREN, and DUNOCK, I also found a CHIFFCHAFF, and a SONGTHRUSH. Moving on to the Tree Nursery, it was all a bit disappointing, as a work crew were on site today, but I did of course get another Wren Photo, probably my favourite one yet  :-)
Wren, yes yet another one, get 'em while there is very little green cover out there!!
There was some song around the place, mainly that of BLACKBIRDS, LINNET and CHAFFINCH, whilst overhead the KESTREL wasn't put off by the work crew, it still hunted over the area. Migrant Alley was given a miss today, as there was some sort of horsey event going on and there were people everywhere, what a change in this place from 4-5 years ago when I never saw a soul here  :-(
Chaffinch, in full song, the sound of early spring  :-)
I decided to visit the Greenhouse Copse, and just as I left the Greenhouse Grounds, some horsey people flushed up a RED LEGGED PARTRIDGE from the boundary with Migrant Alley just before I got there  :-(  In the Greenhouse Copse I found a pair of LONG TAILED TITS gathering nest materials, but not much else, just a few BLUE and GREAT TITS, and another couple of SONGTHRUSHES. A SPARROWHAWK was the only noteworthy species seen on my walk back home.
Long Tailed Tit
Baby Rabbit, what can I say!
With tomorrow being the last day in March, I am running out of time for adding more species to this months list, it languishes in joint fourth place from eleven, but at least tomorrow will be a full patch walk, and with the change in the weather thats forecast, who knows - maybe a new migrant species will appear!


Marc Heath said...

That's a nice Wren shot, a lovely composition.

Rohrerbot said...

Bummer about the weather Warren but maybe something will turn up. You've had a nice string of days. Great shot of the butterfly and I think you missed your calling on Rabbit Photographer. Nice shots of these guys:) Good luck tomorrow. It sounds like March was hit or miss from your daily posts. But the count will tell all:)

Phil said...

Good luck for tomorrow Warren.
If it's any consolation I have the same problem with Holly Blues. They never turn out quite right, neither do Green Hairstreaks for some reason.

kirstallcreatures said...

Those Holly Blues are tricky aren't they, looks OK to me, nice sighting. Love the wren, you can never have too many . Linda

ShySongbird said...

Yes, that s a particularly lovely photo of the Wren Warren. I reckon they breed them bolder in Kent than they do here ;-) Either that or there is one that just likes posing specially for you :-) The Chaffinch was full of the joys of Spring, I love seeing birds singing their hearts out like that.

We didn't have any sun at all until about 4pm and that seems to be it now for a while but it certainly was nice while it lasted!

Hope you have a good full patch walk.

Anonymous said...

Great set of shots, Warren. And you`ve beaten me with Holly Blue. Nice one.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Know only too well what you mean about the exposure when taking Holly Blues .
Mind you , no such problem with the Wren , that is a cracker .

Jason K said...

Holly Blue!!! not had a sniff of one this spring (yet!)