Saturday, 30 May 2009

Above is the view over the now treeless part of the tree nursery. This is what I looked over yesterday evening, as I sat and waited for dusk to fall. Quite a number of birds were seen - many more than an afternoon visit would have provided. Highlights were :- 2 CUCKOOS, a KESTREL, SPARROWHAWK, HOBBY and at least 4 flyby TURTLE DOVES, best of all I got a LITTLE OWL, the first this month, which called at 21:50, not a bad evening visit.

Back to this morning, and day dawned clear and warm, it then became very warm by 09:00. A total of 48 species was a little disappointing for a 4 hour visit, but I was back by 11:00, so Raptors didn't feature strongly on my list, just a KESTREL. I also missed Garden Warbler and Lesser Whitethroat, but they have stopped singing now and are proving pretty elusive.

The college grounds provided a few photo oportunities, when a group of SWALLOWS and HOUSE MARTINS were sharing the resources of a muddy puddle, to build their nests. It was also at the college gardens that most of the singing was occurring, of the migrant birds BLACKCAP and CHIFFCHAFF were vocal, the SONGTHRUSH, DUNNOCK, WREN, BLACKBIRD, and CHAFFINCH held up the residents side of things.

Not much was happening at Migrant Alley today, a SKYLARK was seen, and PIED WAGTAILS flitted to and from the Greenhouses, taking food to their fledged young, some LINNET families were seen around the paddocks - good to see they have successfuly bred. An hours skywatch produced just the Kestrel, 2 CUCKOO'S a HERRING GULL and a LESSER BLACK BACKED GULL, as well as the Swallows, House Martins and SWIFTS zipping around.

The lake area, wet woods and small holding didn't add much to what was already on my list, just a couple of CANADA GOOSE families on the water, and a singing TURTLE DOVE.

Below are few Photo's of the shared puddle, used by the House Martins and Swallows. I particularly like the reflections in the water.

Below is a Chiffchaff
This Goldfinch below looked spanking in the bright sunshine

Not had a ROBIN pic. on here for a while, so here's a Robin!

lastly this Fox was chilling out in the early morning sun, loving the warmth! just look at the enjoyment on it's face!!


swatson said...

more lovely shots the swallow by the water and the fox is just delightful

Simon said...

Some super photos Warren - a very content fox indeed!

Phil and Mandy said...

As stated, lovely shots Warren. Keep them coming.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
He didn't get you then !
Like the pudle shots .

Anonymous said...

Wow. These are really photographs. I love that fox.

You probably don't remember when people lived and died at home and endured wakes. I wrote about it here.

Kelly said... the cute little sweet as always. The watering hole photos of the swallows and martins are wonderful. I really enjoyed studying them.

fishing guy said...

Warren: Super shots of the nature around you. What a sneaky fox.