Tuesday, 26 May 2009

I woke up this morning still feeling the effects of ''man flu'', and it was raining heavily outside, so I didn't get out for a full mornings walk of my patch, how frustrating!!

The rain stopped about midday, so I went out around 13:00. I just had a walk around Migrant Alley and the tree nursery. The latter was quite interesting, as where all the trees have been removed, grass and vegetation has started to come back, and I found quite a few butterflies. Common Blue (I think!) were seen, a first for my patch if it is, and many Painted ladies were still around, they were seen every few paces! I also found what I think were Silver Y moths here. Azure Blue damselflies joined the throng, flying about in the sunnier periods.

Over at migrant alley I watched the sky for raptors. KESREL and SPARROWHAWK flew over, and both the local PEREGRINES were seen, I also saw a large raptor far off to the SE, it could have been a Buzzard, but I have my doubts, I think it showed more signs of being a Red Kite, alas it never came nearer for a positive ID, another one gets away! HERRING and LESSER BLACK BACK GULLS came and fed on the maize crop for a while, and all the usual birds were encountered, SWIFTS, SWALLOWS, HOUSE MARINS, PIED WAGTAILS and LINNNETS being the most numerous.

More rain expected tomorrow, but it might reach here a little later in the day, so if i feel better I can at least get out early.

I love this photo, what a cracking little butterfly! Even though it is a bit worn, is it a female Common Blue, - Greenie - Dean ?
Below is what I believe to be a Silver y moth. I think they are migrant moths, and hve come up with the painted lady butterflies.
Here are two of the Painted lady Butterflies. They will be on everyones blogs I suspect!

Below is an Azure damselfly
The next pic is a Lesser Black backed Gull
this one ids a Herring Gull
This little Great Tit has just about worn itself out bringing up its nestlings. It will moult later in the year and be spanking new for autumn.


Greenie said...

Warren ,
Congrats on your first patch female Common Blue and correct ID , but not worn , as she is a brown butterfly with varying amounts of blue overlay .If you blow up the shot , you will see the abdomen is completely covered with fine hairs , later it will be almost hairless .
Yes the Silver Ys migrate every year , on a more regular basis than the Painted Ladies .
Keep tending the 'man flu'.

Anonymous said...

Greenie beat me to it, Warren.
Like the pics of the gll.

RMN1 said...

Good photos.

Phil and Mandy said...

Good photos Warren, hope yoy feel better soonmate.

swatson said...

just found your blog again Warren and all your photos are beautiful.Some amazing shots love the linnet have never seen one before.

Chris said...

Hi Warren,
I think you are right when you say that painted lady are on many blog at the moment, but it is still nice to see them, isn't it. I hope you will get better and that the flue will go away. Take it easy mate!!

fishing guy said...

Warren: You are so far seasonally then we are. I've seen a few flutter-bys but can't see any on the flowers yet. Those gulls in flight are exciting.

Kelly said...

...that first butterfly looks like she's frosted with sugar--very pretty. I love the flight shots of the gulls too.