Friday, 15 May 2009

Well the ''normal'' weather didn't last long! It was back to the cloudy, windy cool stuff again, with just a glimmer of sun occassionally.
I set out at a bit of a loss this afternoon, now all the regular migrants are on my patch there is not so much to anticipate. I walked the tree nursery, Migrant Alley, and the college grounds, but very little bird activity was to be had. The only raptor was a KESTREL over the nursery, and the only singing migrants were a CHIFFCHAFF at the college, and a half hearted attempt from a LESSER WHITETHROAT at the scrub to the north of migrant alley. SWIFTS and SWALLOWS were being blown across the sky, but the House Martins haven't returned to there breeding site on the college buildings, but there is time yet.

Most of my time was taken up trying to photograph the Odonata hanging around the wet ditch at the North Western boundary of my patch, so i'll leave you with my attempted photo's.

Below is a Beautiful Demoisel, an immature male I think

This one is an Azure Damselfly
And the next is possibly a red Eyed Damselfly. I'm not sure! this is only my second year of trying to iD these tricky little blue jobs, I'm sure Greenie will put me right!
Now this one I know, a Broad bodied Chaser, Female
Whilst walking through the college grounds, trying to relocate the Spot. Fly. (which I didn't) I was surprised to see two butterflies they were Painted Ladies. Not very often I see them on my patch.
Lastly, as I gave the seedling maize field at migrant alley one last scan, this fox came trotting out of a hedge, and went into the cover by the Greenhouse complex, it didn't even look up!


Greenie said...

Warren ,
Trust you to find 2 Painted Ladies in the woods .
I'd say your Beautiful Demoiselle is a female , brown suffusion in wings , males - bluey/green .
Happy with your female Red Eyed Damselfy , eyes not as red as males .
Doing well with the ID , must have decent book .
Great shot of Fox .

ShySongbird said...

We had very heavy rain last night and more heavy downpours this afternoon, so I think it has been a bit better where you are.

I loved all the photos, the Beautiful Demoiselle was lovely and the fox looked very unconcerned by your presence.

Thanks very much for the positive ID on Sheila's site, that was very kind of you and I knew you were the right man to ask!

Monika said...

Great stuff Warren! Amazing you got such great insect photos if it was windy. I struggle to get them to sit still even in the calmest of weather....

Adam said...

Hi Warren

Painted Ladies seemed were starting to be reported all over Kent yesterady so suspect they were caught up in the gale forces winds mid-week and blown in from the continent, all worn individuals. Hopefully they'll lay some eggs and we can look forward to some fresh examples in a couple of months! Also Silver Ys turning up at Sandwich Bay.

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Warren. Good day for Damselflies and Dragonflies. I am probably wrong but I would have said the Beautiful was male immature. The colouring doesn't look right to me to be female. I checked my field guides and then I looked on this website which I often use.
I appologize if I am wrong. Who am I to disagree with Greenie, he is more of a expert than I am..
Have a good weekend Warren.

Kelly said... that fox, and this sentence is very nice...I like the feel of the description: SWIFTS and SWALLOWS were being blown across the sky, (I can totally see that). I find it hard to photograph these little dragonflies and have had no luck, but you've done a great job.