Thursday, 28 May 2009

Back to work this morning, and as is always the case, the weather improved drastically. It was so warm when I left home at 06:45 I was in a teeshirt! Oh well such is life. I did at least add another species to this months list, when I saw a GREY WAGTAIL fly up the stream at the colllege, it seems ages since I added a species for this month.

This afternoon was very warm and humid, not an afternoon for finding birds. So I went over to the wet ditch to find some Odonata, but of course I kept an eye on the sky, just in case something interesting flew over, which nothing did, just a KESTREL.

At the ditch I found scores of Azure damselflies, some laying eggs, some mating, and some just chasing around, also there were Large Red damselflies, and a single Beautiful demoiselle with a couple of Broad bodied Chasers - doing what it says in their name ''chasing''.

I also paid a visit to to college gardens, on the way a CUCKOO flew over, and the Painted Lady butterflies were noted continuing their northward passage, but some were staying to feed, one sweet smelling shrub had 14 on it!

There was some bird song here, BLACKCAP, CHIFFCHAFF, SONGTHRUSH, and BLACKBIRD, and I aslo saw my first GOLDCREST fledgling being fed by its parents. The good weather is set to continue tomorrow, so I might leave it until the late afternoon for my walk if its too hot.

Below is yet another Painted Lady photo. get 'em while the're here!
Also I found this Speckled Wood butterfly at the college
Below is my first male Broad Bodied chaser
While below is the female, she was laying eggs while hoverring over the water
below is loadsa azures!
With a couple here mating
large red was also around

Lastly this large hoverfly just kept buzzing me, I dont know what kind it is - anyone know ?


Dean said...

From the pale band around it, i would say Volucella pellucens.

I`m still waiting for the BBC`s to show, up here.

swatson said...

lovely photos Warren.And to see a goldcrest would be fabulous let alone a fledgling.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Was visiting with Carol in Asford today , so didn't get out except for a walk .
As you say , the female BBC dips her abdomen in the water to lay her eggs after mating on the wing . The pair of Azures are actually egg laying too , at least she is . When they are mating , they are in the 'ring'- end of his abdomen clasping her behind head , end of her abdomen recieving sperm sack from below his thorax to fertilise eggs .
Hope to blog tomorrow .

The Early Birder said...

Nice series of pics Warren

Stewart said...

It must be nice to have all of those dragons and damsels around...we just dont get them in those numbers...

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

No males out here yet - you southerns got the jump on us up here!



Simon said...

Beautiful butterfly shots Warren.

ShySongbird said...

Lovely photos again Warren, I still haven't seen a Painted Lady, although I think I saw one flit past yesterday, but I was supervising four kids in a play area at the time with no camera :(

I'm so glad you saw the Cuckoo, I haven't seen or heard one for two years and as you probably heard they have just been put on the red list as has the Yellow Wagtail, such a shame!

JRandSue said...

Very nice Blog, close up Images look great.