Thursday, 21 May 2009

A trip over to the lake and scrub area this afternoon was a quiet affair. I always expect something new for the year list, or month list or even patch list, but it's getting that time of year now when it goes a bit quiet, while all the birds settle down to the business of rearing their young.

I did hear some of the migrant species in song though, TURTLE DOVE and CUCKOO, BLACKCAP and CHIFFCHAFF, also the two WHITETHROAT species. A drake MALLARD was on the lake, along with 3 GREYLAG GEESE and 6 CANADA GEESE, one pair with 3 growing goslings. It was disappointing not to see any butterflies about, despite the warm sunshine, and only Large Red damselflies were seen.

I had an hours sit on my seat at migrant alley, mainly to look for Raptors, I was partly successful, with PEREGRINE, 2 COMMON BUZZARDS and a KESTREL being seen. The Peregrine was high up and circling, it then turned into the wind, stalled, and went into a hunting dive, down like a speeding bullet. I lost it behind some distant trees so I don't know if it was a successful hunt. No Sparrowhawk or Hobby today though. Also seen in the sky were SWALLOWS, HOUSE MARTINS and scores of SWIFTS, that couldn't be seen with the naked eye, they were so high up. A LESSER BLACK BACKED GULL had a brief look round, as did a HERRING GULL. The usual Corvids, LINNETS, SKYLARKS and PIED WAGTAILS were on the Sheep pasture and Horse Paddocks. That was about it for this afternoon, I didn't even get to point my camera, let alone get a photo - some days are just like that!


Ken Browne. said...

Hi Warren. Shame you didn't get to take any shots today. Any news on the Peregrine front, concerning them nesting in your area. If you have mentioned it earlier in your blog then I appologize.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Might be a bit of work on mine , if the picture is any good that is .

Chris said...

Hi Warren,
Here the weather is turning bad again... rain is slowly coming so I guess you will get some sun soon!!!

Kelly said...

...but it does sound like it was a relaxing day! Sometimes those are the best -- just sitting and listening, watching the little things (and letting all the cortisol stress hormones fad away).