Wednesday, 13 May 2009

It was pretty dire out this afternoon, the light had barely increased since I left the house this morning. I only had a quick scan round the Tree nursery, and migrant alley, as I felt like crap - must be man flu! The effort wasn't really worth it, just a KESTREL and SPARROWHAWK of note, over the nursery, and 25 LINNETS, at migrant alley, with flock 14 SWIFTS passing over in the leaden skies.

On my way in to work this morning both the peregrines were seen together on their favoured perch. Spotted Flycatchers have yet to arrive, but at least one is on the oxen hoath patch 1km to the north of me, perhaps this weekend they will arrive here, looking at the weather though, it's best they don't just yet!

No pics today in the gloomy conditions. I'm off to bed! aaaaatchooo!!


Anonymous said...

The weather`s set to worsen for the weekend, Warren. Hope you feel better soon.

EP Andy said...

Hi Warren

No such thing as man flu, it's real trust me. Check this web link out,

if it's on the BBC it must be true.
As for the Spotted Fly's, I'd wait a fewdays 'till the weather improves. By the way, thanks for keeping the blog up to date, I was in darkest Scotland last week on businees and it was great to read of home as the gales and rain lashed me. Get well soon.

Monika said...

I hope both you and the weather improve in short order!

Kelly said...

Oh no! Hope you're feeling better... The rains have set in here too.

ShySongbird said...

Miserable weather here too and we've both had the dreaded lurgy also. Everyone seems to have it!
My theory is it's Swine Flu but they daren't admit they panicked us all for nothing, even a twelve year old who tested positive said it was only like a bad cold! Hope you improve soon.