Sunday, 24 May 2009

A repeat of yesterdays circuit of my patch, produced many of the same species, in the same places, right down to seeing two CUCKOO'S flying across the tree nursery in exactly the same place! The total day list made it to a very good 52, adding just one species that wasn't seen yesterday - a NUTHATCH. Another species that should have been on the list both yesterday and today was the Jay, it has eluded me all weekend.

Two more species were confirmed breeding on my patch, when I found a fledged TREECREEPER, and a family of fledged COAL TITS.

Other noteable sightings was my first photograph of a Toad, found in the college gardens, and a continual passage of Painted lady Butterflies, one passed me every 10 mins or so! There must be many thousands of these migrant butterflies if this passage has been repeated over the county.

Below is my first Toad Photo.

This Cuckoo below, has been giving me the run around for weeks, I have been after a decent photo of one for some time. Today I staked out it's normal calling perch ( getting stung by nettles and stabbed by thorns in the process.) I sat for half an hour, and was rewarded when it flew onto the power line above the scrub by the lake.

At first it kept preening, and wouldn't look up.

but I waited, and it eventually gave me some decent poses

Below is the fledged Treecreeper, shyly peeking out from the oak leaves
and here is one of the fledgling Coal Tits
None of the mentioned Painted Lady Butterflies stopped for a photo, so this Peacock Butterfly will have to do!


Greenie said...

Warren ,
When it comes to Cuckoo shots , it's obviously 'no pain, no gain' .
The Painted Ladies are always lively , you should know that .
Congrats on your first Common Toad photo .

Anonymous said...

Hope i don`t have to wait too long for the Painted Ladies to move north, Warren.
A Cuckoo on my patch would also be welcome.

Hornet said...

Nice cuckoo shots Warren. The only time I've ever come close enough was on a lunchtime walk with no camera. Plus I lack your dedication with nettles and bramble.

Mike - Fenphotography said...

Cracking shots of the Cuckoo another shot im jealous of, very nice.

Stewart said...

Very nice Cuckoo pics Warren, well played. It'll be autumn before the Painted Ladies reach this far north :)

ShySongbird said...

Lovely photos today Warren and good to see the Cuckoo, we used to see them quite regularly on our local walks, but the last couple of years we haven't even heard one!

Kelly said...

...lucky you with the cuckoo shots! I've only been able to photograph our yellow-billed once. I've heard them, but they keep hiding. I wish he would come out again like yours did! Very nice.....

Tony Morris said...

Don't you just love Toads, fantastic animals,

EP Andy said...

Hi Warren

Great Cuckoo shots. As for the Painted Lady's, I was getting them all day passing through the village and over the garden. The band must have been wide and as you say, there must have been thousands or even millions coming in yesterday on the southerly wind.

Chris said...

Very nice post and very nice pictures Warren. I love the cuckoo shots. I've never seen one, even in France, they are quite rare! Congrats on the toad picture!

fishing guy said...

Warren: Outstanding shot of the big toad. I want a Peacock Butterfly to come my way.