Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Got back from my walk an hour ago, but I only spent 3 and a half hours out, partly because the rain came in and partly because I'm still suffering from this cold! I sneezed all the way round!!

Highlight of my walk was another RED KITE sighting, well worth hauling my bones out of bed at six this morning for that alone! It flew quite low over Migrant Alley, where also, the two local PEREGRINES were up and about. I never would have believed that I would have recorded these two species on my patch when I started watching it in 2002, let alone seeing them both on the same day, it's little things like this give me the enthusiasm to carry on recording, even when negative things sometimes happen to the habitat on my patch, and make me feel like giving up.

Other birds of note were a third Raptor species - a KESTREL, also over Migrant Alley, and the SPOTTED FLYCATCHER was refound in the College grounds, with possibly another, maybe a mate ? I'll keep a close eye out. Migrant birds were not singing in the dull damp conditions, only 1 BLACKCAP and 3 CHIFFCHAFF sang, a CUCKOO called at the lakeside scrub and 1 TURTLE DOVE was seen flying over. Fewer SWIFTS, and swallows were seen, and just 2 HOUSE MARTINS, a pair, which have returned to one of the college buildings, and are showing signs of nesting there.

The day list reached a creditable 47 species, but had I stayed out a bit longer - and felt a bit better, I think a list into the mid-fifties could well have been on. Species such as Long Tailed and Coal Tit, Treecreeper, Nuthatch, Greylag Goose, Sparrowhawk, Lesser Whitethroat and Garden warbler, were not seen, and maybe Hobby, or Black Headed Gull, might have shown up.

If the weather clears up I might go back out and try to find some of the missing species. If I do i'll put it on tomorrows post. I'm off now for some scotch and honey, a cold remedy recommended by a fellow blogger, thanks for that Greenie, oh wise one. :-)

Photo chances were at a premium this morming, it was so dull. but here's a newly fledged BLUE TIT begging for a morsel
Now don't laugh! below is a pic. of the flyover Red Kite. One for my records, What a bird!
Below is a PIED WAGTAIL on one of the huge diggers constructing the pipeline at migrant Alley, a good vantage point to catch insects from!

Lastly, the spotted flycatcher.


ShySongbird said...

Don't you ever think of giving up Warren! Your blog is far too interesting, you always have something to tell or show us.

The Red Kites are doing really well now, I have yet to see one but I know they are very near.

I also thoroughly enjoyed your last post, I too have noticed how the Tits are looking very tired and scruffy with all the work they are doing at the moment! The female Common Blue photo was really lovely.

I loved all the photos on both posts.

I hope you are not feeling so under the weather now and that you are not under the table either, after Greenie's remedy! ;)

swatson said...

Your list of sightings is very impressive Warren.And the photo of the baby bluetit is absolutely gorgeous.During the cold months we see red kites every day over our house as they have been reintroduced into the derwent valley very near to us.Once the breeding season starts we see very little of them.I put some meat out during the very bad weather and twice had one swoop into our garden for it.Magnificent birds.

Chris said...

Hi WArren,
Well guy, how do you want to observe birds if you sneeze all around the area ;-) This 47 species were probably used to see you around :-) Well done on the number abd on the red kite!!
To answer your questions, I've seen an unexpected species for the year list, the glaugus gull, yesterday when I was shooting the terns. I just did not know it was one, as I had never seen it... The 80 are not that far!!!

EP Andy said...

Well done Warren.

Nice one with yet another Kite. Getting suspicious that they may be starting to colonise round this side of the M25. Ideal location for a nesting pair around the area, fingers crossed eh.
Hope the cold gets better soon along with the weather.

Kelly said...

That newly fledged Blue Tit photo is precious. I am still under the weather myself. Energy gets sucked right out of you when you can't breathe properly! Hope you feel better soon (Songbird's comment made me laugh).

Stewart said...

I wouldnt laugh if the kite was on my patch Warren, you'd hear me down at your place!

Anonymous said...

I don`t suppose anyone ever laughs at your posts, Warren. Always a treat to read.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Nice one with the Red Kite .
Didn't get out today , rained from 9-4 .
Thanks for the BTO info .

Mike - Fenphotography said...

Sure is a great bird, great sighting.

Anonymous said...

I think you got all of your bird shots on this post of birds I have never seen in my life. It is amazing.

Steve said...

Just catching up on your posts warren. definitely a Common Blue - well done. And good shot of the Red Kite! What a year you are having!