Saturday, 2 May 2009

A fantastic May morning, the sun was shining, the wind had gone, and it felt warm even at 06:00hrs.

The birds seem to sing even louder in the kind conditions, making it easy to pick out 20 species in the first 15 mins of my walk, the 21st species surprised me a bit,a COMMON BUZZARD flew low, straight over my head as I entered the tree nursery, it was off and away before I had my camera to hand! I heard 2 WHITETHROATS in the nursery, just 2 of 6 seen today, and a group of 8 SWALLOWS flew around overhead.

I got to Migrant Alley before the workers got there, and managed to see a LESSER BLACK BACKED GULL out on the sheep pasture, two SKLARKS on the drilled Maize with half a dozen PIED WAGTAILS, but the best sight was of two CUCKOO'S chasing over, calling as they went.
The scrub at the north end of migrant alley had 3 TURTLE DOVES, and one of 3 LESSER WHITETHROATS seen today.

I walked through the college grounds and gardens, hoping to pick out a Garden warbler, as this is where I had my first one last year, 3 BLACKCAPS sang but the former didn't show. A good amount of species were seen here, MALLARD, MOORHEN, COAL TIT, GOLDCREST, JAY, GREEN WOODPECKER and the first of 8 CHIFFCHAFFS that were seen today, all were added to the list.

I made my way over to the lake area, and was pleased to see not one but two broods of CANADA GEESE, one of 5 and one of 4, all the bird seem to be breeding well this year! I went into the scrub area, and was surprised not to hear any Turtle Doves, but that disappointment was soon forgotten, as I heard, and then picked out, my first GARDEN WARBLER (94) of the year, I watched and listened to it's song, and was doubly pleased to see it being chased by another! A much awaited species joins the list, their arrival being 3 days ealier than the mean arrival date for my patch.

SPARROWHAWK and KESTREL were seen on the walk back home, as was a lone HOUSE MARTIN which brought the day list to an excellent 49, which makes 50 in all for the month, with the GREY LAG GOOSE seen yesterday .

I manged a few pics in the good conditions, below is a male CHAFFINCH
This Sparrowhawk flew over as I was nearing home.

The Blackcap below was in full song, I managed to capture it open mouthed! (the balckcap not me!)

This smart SONG THRUSH was collecting food for its nestlings

Below is the pair of Canada geese that had 4 Goslings

This is one of the Goslings from the pair with 5 young
The day was so warm and sunny that all the creatures seem to be out and about, and these two were making the most of it!


Chris said...

Hi Warren,
Excellent day for you. I still did not manage to go out, it was even snowing few hours ago, but the forecast planned some sun for tonight. We will see. So 94 species for the year, that's not bad at all.
You know what I realised I would have like to see taking picture of the blackcap with your opened-mouth ;-) Would have been funny I guess ;-)

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Well done with The Garden Warbler .
I see you managed to get back to the frenzy of sexual activity again .
Had to leave you something to comment on .
From 'im above .

Steve said...

Well done on the Garden Warbler and the Blackcap picture. I still havn't managed to get one thats any good. A good haul today.

Anonymous said...

A good day on the patch then, Warren.
Garden Warbler is one i`m still waiting for.

Adam said...

Hi Warren, still waiting for Garden Warbler and Tree Pipit on my patch but got Hobby today and heard another was at New Hythe so I think you'll be adding no 95 in the next few days hopefully.


Phil and Mandy said...

Thanks for your identification of the Feral Pigeon Warren, I only had a little bird book with me a Bough Beech and have since looked in my Collins Bird Guide and can see clearly that its a Feral now. Fox picture really nice as are all the others.

fishing guy said...

Warren: What a neat set of photos from nature. You certainly get a nice variety of birds.

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Warren. Im pleased you finally got your Garden Warbler. What a good selection of birds you had today. Especially the Turtle Doves.Good start to you weekend

NW Nature Nut said...

Those goslings are just too cute aren't they?

Kelly said...

...yeah! You also had a wonderfully sunny day. Seems like it was a winner for most of us (sorry for Chris and the snow...). You made me laugh when I read your "open-mouth comment." Beautiful photo of the bird singing. The Chaffinch is s such a beautiful bird. I like his coloring. (I saw a thrush and a cuckoo today also!)

Newton Stringer said...

That fox is AWESOME !! Can you send me up a cuckoo please....

ShySongbird said...

Great post as always Warren and such lovely photos, I particularly loved the Blackcap singing its little heart out.