Friday, 29 May 2009

A thick mist shrouded my patch at 06:30 this morning, so nothing was seen at all on the way to work! However, by the time I walked home it was hot and humid, with a bit of a breeze, I only got out for an hour, I'm saving myself for an evening visit, which if anything is noted i'll post tomorrow.

During my hour out I visited the vegetation that has grown up in place of the tree's at the nursery. I once again saw a female Common Blue butterfly, and also saw a White Legged Damselfly, my first this year. The best thing found though was an Immature Black Tailed Skimmer, I've only ever seen an adult male on my patch, so this can go in my photo gallery!

Few birds were noted in the hot conditions, but the nearby wet woods and large gardens were full of the calls of fledged TITS, ROBINS and THRUSHES, a KESTREL also flew over with prey. This year must be the best ever on my patch for breeding birds, looks like i'll have to up the sunflower heart order this Autumn!

Oh, and the painted lady butterflies were still coming through, groups of 3-4 came by every minute, if I stood and faced the breeze, they almost crashed into me.

Lets hope I get an Owl this evening, ive not got one on the may list yet.

Below is a female Common Blue Butterfly
Next is the White Legged Damselfly ( I hope!)
lastly this striking Imm. Male Black Tailed Skimmer


swatson said...

Dont know why its called a common blue Warren,anything but common.Beautiful.only ones I have ever seen are the white cabbage type and the peacock.Great photos as usual

RMN1 said...

Nic, this yellow dragonfly look "fat", I newer seen it...Sorry for english;)

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Spot on with the White Legged Damselfly .
Enjoy your evening watch , but watch out for the 'Bogey Man'. He sometimes dresses up as an Owl !

Anonymous said...

Good luck with an owl, Warren. Nice Black-tailed Skimmer.

ShySongbird said...

Like Sheila, I too think the Common Blue is a really lovely Butterfly, both male and female are beautiful.

I hope you see the Owl and enjoy your evening walk, it should be very pleasant in this weather, maybe bats as well?

fishing guy said...

Warren: What neat insect shots.

Check out my Great Blue Heron photos on Saturday, I'm so happy with the way they came out. Click on them to make the larger.