Sunday, 26 July 2009

Another huge daylist was recorded today, 53 species in all, I would expect an average of 45-48 in July. The first two hours of the four hour walk, took place in ideal conditions, no wind and an overcast but bright sky, however the wind came back with a vengence halfway round my patch.

Todays birding highlight was finding another months first, a singing WILLOW WARBLER, the first since May 3rd, I love their song, but it's seldom heard on my patch now, this is a species that just passes through on migration sadly. Top bird would have been the COMMON BUZZARD that flew low over the tree nursery as I was busy photographing MARSH TITS - of which there are now two on my patch, I hope they remain for the Autumn/winter period.

Four species turned up today that weren't seen yesterday, the Willow Warbler, MISTLE THRUSH, just one was seen by the college stream, PHEASANT which was heard calling straight after, and the next species on the list SPOTTED FLYCATCHER, the family was seen in the college grounds, strange I should see the latter three straight after one another, after not finding them at all yesterday.

Other birds of note; GREYLAG GEESE, 72 flew low over Migrant Alley, in three skeins, a common enough bird, but it was quite a sight and sound as they came crashing through! KESTREL and SPARROWHAWK were seen hunting over the area, and the Juv. Sparrowhawk was again heard calling for food in the wet woods, it was duly rewarded by one of the adults, but i didn't get to see any of the action as they were well hidden in the canopy.

All the pics are pretty rubbish today, I wasn't going to put them on, but they do give a flavour of the morning, so here they are.

Above. A lovely LINNET, with it's ''Jam dipped'' breast

Above and below are a couple of snacthed shots of the buzzard, I liked the 'bent up' primaries on the one below

Above and below the Marsh Tits, by now the wind was blowing hard again, and it was difficult to focus.
Lastly, one of the Spotted Flycatcher young. Doing well despite the cool weather, which must make it hard for them to find their prey. I had to take a snapshot of this bird, as a car was coming and knew it would fly off any second, well thats my excuse!


swatson said...

lovely shots again Warren Such lovely species you see in your "neck of the woods" linnet,spotted flycatcher.Oh how I would love a sighting

Kelly said...

Great catch with the Willow Warbler. Your first since May 3rd! That must have been exciting. 53 species is a lot for a day for me. Congrats on the new record. I really like the "jam-dipped" Linnet. Very pretty coloring.

Abe Lincoln said...

I like the Willow Warbler.
Pick a Peck of Pixels

Steve said...

Well done Warren, beat me by 20....again. Good picturs dispite the conditions.

Tricia said...

Impressive list and number of birds Warren :)

The Early Birder said...

Excellent day count Warren. Marsh Tits are pretty scarce around here although I did see adult & youngster in the woods (Bookham) yesterday but no chance of a photo. Well done.

Jann E. said...

Nice going! I'm glad you did post some pics, esp that linnet! I just love how you can go out looking in the same area over and over and just keep seeing something new. By the way, good job w/ all that healthy walking...helps to have the bird-hunting incentive, eh?

Dean said...

When you said "rubbish pics", Warren, i was expecting something in the style of the "Raw Stringer" ;-).

Nothing rubbish about yours.