Tuesday, 7 July 2009

This is going to be short!
Frequent heavy thunderstorms kept me indoors all afternoon, and just when it looked safe to go out for an early evening visit, another storm rolled in - I give up!!

So the only sightings of interest for today was a SPOTTED FLYCATCHER, seen this morning, and a little bit more exciting was the months first HOBBY, seen zooming low over Migrant alley as I walked home from work.

A large moth flew out of the fridge (!!) as I was preparing for dinner this evening. I caught it and took it upstairs to photograph it, But as it warmed up it came to life and kept flying around, it didn't help having a 300mm lens on the camera, I had to keep 1.5m away from it to focus! needless to say I failed to get a photo, it flew somewhere, who knows where!


Chris said...

hi Warren,
At least the bad weather made you relax a bit, Did it?
Guess you'll have a better day tomorrow.

Warren Baker said...

Hi Chris,
Yea, I watched the garden feeders, but at this time of year it's only tits and finch's, the odd Woodpecker and Nuthatch.

Anonymous said...

I would gladly take some of your rain. We are not that super hot yet but we could stand some rain. Almost any amount.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Why do you keep your wallet in the fridge ?
Hot money ?

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Large Yellow Underwing? A migrant that turns up in all sorts of places but i've never heard of one roosting up in a fridge before. How did it get in without you noticing...you keep your beer in there??

Have fun

PS Belting storm here the other night biggest for years plaease send some of yours up this way I love em

Stewart said...

Oh Greenie, I was banging on the keyboard to get the wallet gag out! Damn!!

ShySongbird said...

I must admit wallets and moths crossed my mind too!

The ODD Woodpecker and Nuthatch!!! I wish ;)

Newton Stringer said...

I'd kill for a hobby on my patch !

Kelly said...

Warren.....you made me laugh. I can only imagine seeing a moth fly out of the fridge and then you chasing after it with the "big" lens. :-)
Hope your weather improves...
(Greenie's comment made me laugh too!)

Randy Emmitt said...


Every time I have seen your Peacocks I just want to hop into a plane and fly across the ocean to see one. That Blue is stunning too.