Saturday, 25 July 2009

I spent over 7 hours on my patch today, 5 of them from 05:45hrs, and then another stint this afternoon, mainly to find some raptors.

At least the weather had settled for today's walk, which produced another species for the months list, a GREY WAGTAIL, which was on one of the ornimental ponds in the college grounds, an anticipated species, but not a gauranteed one!

A CORMORANT that flew over early on, and several skiens of GREYLAG GEESE, with two GREY HERONS at the lake area, all species not seen everyday, made for a very good daylist of 54 species, which could have been higher - even setting a daylist record, If species like MISTLE THRUSH, PHEASANT, and LESSER WHITETHROAT had shown up.

A mixed feeding flock of mainly BLUE, LONG TAILED, and GREAT TITS were found in the wet woods, but with them was a MARSH TIT, presumably the one that was seen earlier this month, also with the flock were two
TREECREEPERS and a NUTHATCH, there were at least six Treecreepers seen on various parts of my patch today.

The afternoon visit provided the Raptors for the day list, KESTREL, SPARROWHAWK and BUZZARD were all seen hunting over Migrant Alley.

Butterflies continued to surprise me, I added two more to the year list, a Female Holly Blue, and two separate Clouded Yellows, one was very ''Orangey''

Above: A GREEN WOODPECKER in the early morning half-light, and below a COMMON WHITETHROAT.
Below is the first Grey wagtail of the month, an immature one
Below is a Common Darter
Next is a Speckled Wood Butterfly, looking a bit worn now.
Below is the first Holly Blue Butterfly of the year
Lastly - The scene at Migrant Alley at 07:45 this morning. Work is progressing well, the 48'' diameter pipeline is now buried, only six weeks work left on it! Will all the disturbance prevent the Migrants visiting this year ? I'll have to wait and see.


swatson said...

Holly blue is so beautiful and looks like blue lace great photo

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Warren.
Looks like you spent a long time in the field today. I love the sillouette shot of the Green Woodpecker.Also it is always nice to see a Grey Wagtail. Have a good Sunday.

Monika said...

How nice to be able to spend so long out and about today. It looks like the weather finally cooperated a bit, too.

I've been working too much to go on a butterfly walk myself yet, but early next week for sure! I look forward to seeing what turns up.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Warren: You certainly did get to spend some quaity time outdoors. Thanks for sharing your walk and photos.

ShySongbird said...

Great moody shot of the GW Warren and as Sheila said the Holly Blue is lovely, very delicate looking.

Kelly said...

Sounds like a very good day of birding! I love the silhouette of the woodpecker. Very dramatic!

Dean said...

Like the Green Pecker shot, Warren. Very arty & atmospheric.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Well done with the two Clouded Yellows . The 'orangey' one was most probably a male .
Just to confuse things , there are also Pale and Berger's Clouded Yellows .
Watch out for second brood Holly Blues egg laying on Ivy at this time of year , 1st. brood (May) on Holly .
I like the Whitethroat shot .

Steve said...

Well done with the Clouded Yellows - always a really good inland record.