Friday, 10 July 2009

This afternoon started off well, the first sighting this month of the local pair of PEREGRINE FALCONS they were both seen over the college grounds as I walked home from work, and the SPOTTED FLYCATCHERS were again seen feeding their offspring.

After a drink and snack, I thought I head off to the tree nursery, and try to find some butterflies whilst the sun was still out. There were lots about, despite the sun being blotted out more and more as time went on. I spent over an hour chasing down the little sods! It was worth it though, as I found only my second Brown Argus ever, also seen were two Purple hairstreaks, also my second ever record for my patch.

I decided I'd go over to the lake and scrub area, to try to find a Garden Warbler for the months list. On the way I walked up the edge of the Wet Woods, scanning the Oak trees for more Purple hairstreaks, to my surprise I found at least 3 more! As my old mate Greenie said, they are a much overlooked species, and are more common than thought.

At the lake and scrub area, I didn't find the garden Warbler, or another missing species for the month - a Lesser Whitethroat, however, whilst there I again scanned the oak tree's, and again found 2 more Purple Hairsteaks!
There was a large Buddlea bush out in bloom, which attracted a host of butterflies, and whilst taking photo's, a very young SONG THRUSH fledgling hopped out in front of me.

The last 45 mins was spent over at Migrant Alley 'skywatching' but it proved very dull, and I ended up chasing more Butterflies.

One thing I've learned today - I must either concentrate on butterflies or birds, not try to do both, I must have missed a few flyovers whilst chasing the flutterby's!!

Below is the very young fledgling Songthrush. It could barely fly.

Above and below are photo's of the Brown Argus.
Below is the Brown Argus with its wings closed.

Above: Red Admiral and Below: Peacock Butterfies
Below is a Small Tortoiseshell. One of at least 5 seen this afternoon - great news for them.

Above: A Comma and below a Painted Lady
Below is a Large White
and lastly, and you'll have to believe me, a Purple Hairstreak. They are not the easiest things to photograph, they stay high up in the tree's!!


Greenie said...

Warren ,
Well done with the Brown Argus , a male with the 'blueing' and the orange spots fading towards the top of the forewing .
It was definitely more of a butterfly than bird day today .
They keep you fitter as well !

Simon said...

Some great photos today Warren. Well done with the Brown Argus and the Peregrines!

Tricia said...

Oh what a great selection of flutter pictures Warren; AND Peregrine Falcons in your local patch - fantastic!

(just gone a funny shade of green :) )

Jann E. said...
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Jann E. said...

Oops, sorry..deleted my comment due to a dumb typo error...wonderful photos, Warren, what a great butter-y day! Right off the songthrush and argus pics really pop out at the viewer, sharp! I on the other hand, believe I saw a Bullock's oriole today but didn't have my camera...arg. Yes, yes, I know...always have your camera...double arg.

Dean said...

Nice one, Warren, You`re doing a lot better than than me, with both the birds & butters.

Kelly said...

Gorgeous photos...I've not really been able to capture photos of butterflies yet. I'll keep trying. The fledglings Songthrush is adorable. It's always fun to find these little birds along the way.

ShySongbird said...

Lovely photos Warren, nice to see the young Song Thrush. My Buddleia doesn't seem to be having many visitors at the moment but the weather conditions haven't been too good here for butterflies.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Warren: Wonderful series of neat butterflies. Very nicely done my friend.

Mike - Fenphotography said...

Your always one step ahead of me, nice post and great pics. Mike.