Sunday, 19 July 2009

It was windy this morning with showers, and it got windier as the day went on - another unjuly type day!

I still managed to find 49 bird species in the 5 hour visit, but butterflies were few and far between. Nothing of particular note stood out today, but the first MISTLE THRUSH since July 4th was recorded, and quite a few SWIFTS were moving through, headed west, Its at the end of July that the vast majority suddenly disappear, and I increasingly start to lose them from the daylists.

The SPOTTED FLYCATCHERS were seen feeding their fledged young at the college grounds, where a GOLDCREST was doing the same. Just one raptor was seen - a KESTREL, and only two Gull species flew over, HERRING and LESSER BLACK BACKED. At the lake area 19 CANADA GEESE were on the lake, with 4 MALLARD, a few MOORHEN and a GREY HERON, quite busy!!

The LESSER WHITETHROAT at Ashes Lane showed up again, but the number of other summer migrants seen were few, just singles mostly of TURTLE DOVE, CHIFFCHAFF, WHITETHROAT, and BLACKCAP.

Hopefully the weather will calm down soon, and over the rest of July I can make a concentrated effort on finding some passing migrants to boost the flagging month list, or even add something to the year list.

Not much to photograph today, This Male HOUSE SPARROW stayed still long enough to get snapped though. It was feeding nestlings.
Below is a SWALLOW, looking fed up with the rubbish insect catching weather!

The only Butterfly photo was taken early on, before the wind became so strong, its of a worn Red Admiral


Greenie said...

Warren ,
Unjulyish was a good descpiption for today , if in fact there is such a word .
Really hard work , especially trying to find butterflies .

Monika said...

We often have un-summer weather off and on this time of year, and the locals have taken to calling June Junuary and July Julember. Sounds like it might be appropriate in your neck of the woods, as well!

Kelly said...

I hope your weather turns around soon. I do like that swallow photo. They really are beautiful birds. Their tails and wings are spectacular. It was very cool yesterday day and today--uncharacteristic for July weather. We are lucky, however, as the sun is shining brightly.

Tricia said...

Despite the awful weather, you still managed an acceptable number of sitings Warren. And when are we going to get some decent, dry and windless weather!!

Lovely swallow :)

Anonymous said...

We have been cold and cool and sunny or cloudy but no rain. I never saw weather like this. The house sparrow is familiar. We only have a handful of birds this summer. No butterflies.

Your visit will count and help me Make History.
Pick a Peck of Pixels

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Warren: That house sparrow is the first one I remember that is the same over here.

Jann E. said...

Nice pics, love the sparrow esp.! I hope you can visit my blog ok now, sorry about the troubles...?!