Friday, 24 July 2009

Yet another weather affected afternoons walk! I had just 20mins or so of ''brighter moments'' whilst out, fortunately they co-incided with me being at the Buddleia bush over at the lake area, but photography was still hindered by the now seemingly ever present gusty wind we've had all this summer!

I managed an hour dodging the worst of the thunderstorms that could be heard to the west of me, but by 15:30 a real biggy came over with my name on it, I hurried back home, but fell short of cover by 100yards - and still got drenched, it rained and hailed that hard!

All I saw of note today was a SPARROWHAWK carrying off a prey item towards the wet woods, probably to feed the Juv I saw in there the other day. Lots of gulls were about, enjoying the rough weather, their white plumage was easy to pick out against the dark purple storm clouds, no new Gull species for the monthly list though.

So thats it, another messed up day, what a poor summer! At least the morning is looking ok (so far). I really need to get out early and find something new for the months list, or the year list, this being the last weekend of the month, although I have got all next week off, apart from Monday so I can give the old patch a real good going over.

Below is a photo of a Red Admiral, a species I failed to get a pic. of yesterday.
Next is a Gatekeeper.
These two shots below were taken just after the storm passed. It shows the garden feeders full of Finch's, Tits, and Sparrows. you can see why I use so much food! Not very clear, but the light was dismall.
Blue Tits, mostly this years young


Greenie said...

Warren ,
Tomorrow must be a better day , mustn't it ?
Don't you just hate it when it's got your name on it ?

Dean said...

Warren, i agree this wind`s a bloody nightmare. Not to mention the frequent showers that`s accompanying them.

Kelly said...

The Red Admiral is a striking butterfly. Thanks for sending over some of your rain, but you can definitely keep the wind. Oy! Wind drives me nuts... Hope it improves for you.

Phil and Mandy said...

Have a lovely time in Wales mate, hope you have better weather than we did though. I am going again with Mandy in 6 weeks.

Monika said...

That's some impressive activity at your feeders! I can see why you go through so much seed!

Jann E. said...

Sorry about the poor summer's normal to get thunder storms blowing through but it's been quiet for days on that front. And wind...this is S Dakota, we get more than our share of wind. I feel you on fighting the wind issue! Nice photos, though.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Warren: That Red Admiral is a beauty, so colorful to see.