Wednesday, 22 July 2009

I managed to add another species to the months list as I walked home from work this afternoon - a KINGFISHER, it flew up the college stream, always a nice sight.

After a snack and drink at home, I was out again by 14:00. I paid a visit to the lake and scrub area, but it was so windy I could hardly hear a thing birdwise, except, as I was cutting through the wet wood, a screeching sound was heard, I tracked it down after some effort, and found it to be a young SPARROWHAWK, I almost got a photo of it, but a JAY attacked it and sent it deeper into the canopy, ive never found a young Sparrowhawk before.

Once over at the lake, I gave it the once over, just in case a Mandarin Duck or something had dropped in, but only CANADA GEESE, MALLARD, MOORHEN and a GREY HERON were found. On the Buddleia close by, I was pleased to see a Humming bird hawk moth, not a frequent visitor to my patch. Also there were at least 22 Peacock Butterflies, they were everywhere, as well as 3 Painted lady, 3 Red Admiral and 4 Commas. As I walked off a small butterfly flew past and I tracked it down to a yew tree, it was a Purple Haistreak, and it had its wings open, I managed a quick snap of it, but it was just too windy for a good photo.

Only a very brief visit to Migrant Alley was made because there was much work going on at the pipeline. I only recorded SKYLARK, GOLDFINCH, WHITETHROAT and a Flyover LESSER BLACK BACK GULL and another Sparrowhawk, probably the parent of the Juv. I saw in the wet woods.

Below is the rather disappointing view of the open winged Purple Hairstreak.
Below: The Lesser Black Backed Gull, in one of those wierd flight postures they do!

Below is a view of the half of the tree nursery that has now been finished with. This 30 acres or so has been sprayed and harrowed, no doubt soon to be ploughed. I understand hadlow College will be leasing the fields to put sheep in, and the occasional Maize crop - the habitat changes again.


swatson said...

Snap with the kingfisher Warren spotted by the river when we visited our adopted bird hide.
I wish I could ID by birdsong.:(

Warren Baker said...

You can ID birds by song Sheila. I bet you know Cuckoo, Collared dove and the Chirpimg of sparrows. This is because they are familiar to you. If you listen long enough lots of songs will become familiar to you!

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Well done with getting the PH open winged . If it had been head upwards , it could well have been more colourful .
Remember the wings are covered with scales like tiles on a roof , and over time and fights , the scales fall off . Now you know where they are , go for the open winged shot as soon as they emerge next season .

Warren Baker said...

I'll have to swat up on PH's greenie. Personally I think this specimen was just taking the mick!

Kelly said...

Warren, I'm sitting here chuckling a bit because I have no idea what you said in your comment to Greenie. Thank you for sending over some rain! It started early this a.m. and has continued through the day.

Lancs and Lakes Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Hi Warren - what's the small Tort situation like all the way down there. You don't seem to be mentioning them much. Up still very scarce but possibly a litlte better than the last couple of seasons...Any one else got any thoughts on their abundance or lack of it around the country?



Jann E. said...

Oh I'm jealous of your kingfisher! Nice! Love the gull there, you stubborn PH!

Abe Lincoln said...

I think it looks like you will soon be getting a new look at your world.

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