Monday, 20 July 2009

Another week begins, and it's back out on the patch for a couple of hours this afternoon. I went over to migrant alley for a look around the Maize crop, and the sheep and horse paddocks, something that I will be doing a lot of in the next 3 months ( as if I don't do it much now!) as any day now could bring a Migrant 'chat' or Wheatear.

As there were a few sunnny intervals when I arrived, I spent that time hunting for butterflies, I was fortunate enough to relocate the Common Blues and two Small Coppers, as well as the more numerous Painted Ladies, Red Admiral, Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell, Comma, Large and Small Whites and Large Skippers. After half an hour or so a large bank of cloud came over, and the wind got up, so I did some skywatching, which as well as the usual LESSER BLACK BACKED, HERRING, and BLACK HEADED GULL my first BUZZARD of the month came over, from the north, Julys' total now stands at 62, seven species off the record set last year.
After getting chilly, sitting in the cool wind, I decided to walk a circuit of the fields, I found LINNETS, SKYLARKS, GOLDFINCH'S, and a GREENFINCH, which had my heart beating a little faster, as it was sat on one of the fences by the maize crop, looking initially like it may have been a 'Chat' from a distance. I'm just getting to jumpy, patience is needed!

Above is the Buzard, being mobbed by crows. ( what do ya mean ''where''!)
Then it came overhead, but it was a bit high.
Back to the butterflies, below is a Small Copper and below thet is two Small Coppers, this represents the peak count ever for my patch!

Below is a Common Blue, and under that is the underwing shot

Below is the old favourite - A peacock Butterfly
Lastly a Gatekeeper, Probably a female I think.


Greenie said...

Warren ,
I note that the 'migration twitches' are setting in .
Probably male on left , female right on your Small Coppers , going by the size difference .
Positive female Gatekeeper , no sex brands on forewings .

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Greenie, seems i'm learning - a little!

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Warren.
I don't know much about Butterflies, but I can tell the difference between M and F Gatekeepers, and a I was hoping to write saying that your photo is a female(I learnt from Fred)but it seems as if Greenie has got in first, you have to get up early to beat him. Your July species count is looking good.Nice Buzzard find.

Dean said...

Good stuff, Warren.
Not seen a Peacock for a while now.

Ipin said...

Nice butterfly pics warren, especially the coppers!

Monika said...

Nice butterflies as many species of those have you seen on your patch? It looks like you could easily start keeping companion month lists for birds and butterflies at this rate!

Kelly said...

I really like the Common Blues. Such a soft color...beautiful.

ShySongbird said...

Sorry Warren I'm struggling to keep up again. I love all the butterfly photos, the Common Blue is anything but 'common', such a lovely creature I think! I also loved the Skylark photos on a previous post and the Swallow on another. The weather is lousy here, rain all day so far today, hope it is better where you are.

swatson said...

I just love your photos of your butterflies Warren,going to a digital photography class in september,hoping to be able to improve skills and who knows ......maybe one day.......some nice photos of butterflies on my blog

Warren Baker said...

Monika- I'm on 18 species of Butterfly. Don't get me started on month listing for them as well!

Sheila - Good luck with the photo classes. I just click away and save the best ones!!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Warren: Those are real beauties, you have such wonderful butterflies.

Jann E. said...

Very nice, love that peacock! You're having good luck getting pics of butterflies, how magical.