Thursday, 9 July 2009

I 've found 'em!
Walking back from work this afternoon, I again heard the SPOTTED FLYCATCHERS high pitched call as I walked through the College grounds, and this time I found the recently fledged young. There were 4 of them all huddled together on a branch, the adults were busily bringing in insect prey for them.

An hour later I was back with my camera, but they had all split up, although they were in the same area. I could hear them all calling and managed a photo of one of the fledglings, not a very good one, but I didn't stay more than a minute, not wanting to disturb them. Four fledglings is a good brood.

Above and below; Spotted Flycatcher fledglings. More spotted than the adults!
After my success with the flycatchers, I went to the scrub at migrant alley, and caught up with the Gatekeeper Butterflies,of which there were lots, but again trying to photo one 'open-winged' proved a challenge, but I did get this shot eventually.

Also seen there were many Meadow Browns, Large Skipper, and more Comma butterflies, this species really has done well this year.
Bird wise, it was disappointing again. Just the usual stuff, when will I find my first autumn migrant ? Could be anyday now.


Greenie said...

Warren ,
Don't start talking about Autumn , we haven't finished with Summer yet , have we ?
Good to hear the Sp.Flies had success .
All you need now is a female Gatekeeper , open wings of course .

ShySongbird said...

I'm with Greenie there Warren, my blood ran cold when you mentioned Autumn!!

Lovely you managed to get the SFs and great photo of the Gatekeeper. I'm still hoping for a Comma!

Anonymous said...

Autumn migrants, Warren. I`m still wanting some summer stuff.

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Warren.
Well you have certainly raised a few blood pressures talking about Autumn.
Well done with the S/Flycatcher family. At least you got a record shot.I also think it has been a good year for Comma Butterflies.

Kelly said...

...I have to agree with everyone else. I still want summer to stick around! The fledgling is such a sweetie. He looks like he has a very white spotted chest...will that change much as he matures?

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Autumn stuff started appearing here now...waders reappearing on the scrapes flocking parties of post breeding passerines ...looks like autumn to me. Summer in the ornithological sense doesn't last long at all!



Warren Baker said...

Hi Kelly,
Yes, as the flycatcher matures, it will get a lot less spots. I better not talk about the first winter migrants, when sept comes!!

Jann E. said...

j'ellen did not just mention autumn...nice snaps of the fleggies really, and the gatekeeper. Glad I'm not the only one miffed at having to wait for those wings to open, if they do...