Wednesday, 8 July 2009

A promise of a better day was made by the weather forecasters today, and as I walked in to work, it did seem to be the case - no wind, no rain.

As I passed through migrant alley, there were a gaggle of 25 GREYLAG GEESE on one of the horse paddocks, where were they last month!
On the walk home I again located a SPOTTED FLYCATCHER, it was calling, but I didn't locate any fledged young, and in the fields and fencelines I saw lots of Gate keeper butterflies.

This afternoon I set out in perfect conditions ( for me!) There was no wind, no rain, and the sun occasionally peeked out from behind the clouds, giving some warmth. I wanted to visit the tree nursery to get a photo of the many Gatekeeper butterflies that were enjoying the conditions, but each one I found, refused to open it's wings, so I kept scanning for a more obliging one. Before I did, I found a nice Common Blue butterfly, very scarce on my patch, also many Meadow Browns, Small and Large Skippers, and a few Comma's.
My chase for a Gatekeeper, brought me to a pair of small oak tree's, and remembering what the ''Greenie'' had told me about Purple hairstreak butterlfies living on oaks, I stopped and looked up at the foliage, I straight away saw two butterflies, one of which came down a alighted on a bramble leaf, I focused in on it and........bloody hell, it was one! I never would of thought it, I have never seen a Purple hairstreak, so this is a self found lifer, and on my patch, cool or what! I forgive Greenie his outrageous insinuations about my ''hot'' money being in the fridge, ( I thought he would have gone down the route of having my assets frozen!). After all I wouldn't have found the P. H. without his advice.

Also a well done is deserved to the tree nursery manger, Coblands should be proud of the way she has managed the fields for wildlife this year, well done to her.

The sunny intervals lasted just 40 mins, and by 15:00hrs it clouded over and the sky looked threatening. I made my way over to Migrant Alley to try and find some birds, but as I reached my seat the rain came down. Believing what the forecasters had said - that any showers would be light and short lived, I pushed myself into the leeward side of the hedge for some shelter.................half an hour later I was soaked and the rain was only just easing grrrr! The rain did stop but I was wet, and my bins and camera were wet, and the next shower was looming on the horizon, so i trudged off home. However I was well happy with the Purple Hairsreak, that made up for getting caught out in the rain. Oh, and I never did get that gatekeeper photo!
If it cheers up this evening I'll try and get out again.

Above and below. Purple Hairstreak. A female I believe.
Also the Common Blue. A Male.
This Peacock butterfly was a nice sighting, not seen one for a while
Below is a Comma.
Last of all a Small Tortoiseshell. Looking just a little worn now.


ShySongbird said...

Oh well done on the PH Warren, I can imagine how thrilled you were, I would have been too. Lovely photos of all the butterflies.
By the way, is the tree nursery manager still allowing her staff to take pot shots at the passers by! ;)

Fraser Simpson said...

Nice shots of the hairstreaks Warren. I bet you'll be checking out every oak you pass now.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
You know the old saying , 'PHs come to those who look up' . As I said the other day , they are very overlooked , and most Oaks support a colony .
Well done on finding her , keep looking above other Oaks too .
That male Common Blue is from the new brood by the freshness of it .

Simon said...

Great news about you having Purple Hairstreaks on your patch. I've always thought that they may be in Mote Park because of the amount of old Oaks but I am yet to find any.

Warren Baker said...

That wasn't the tree nursery people. That was one of the workers form the adjacent greenhouses. I sorted it with the manager there, and was given an apology by the culprit, alls well that ends well!

The Early Birder said...

Congrats on the PH Warren plus smart pics of the other flutters.

Anonymous said...

Yep, well done with the Purp Hairstreak, Warren. We`ll make an Entomologist out of you yet.

swatson said...

going by the other comments Warren the purple hairstreak must be a "special"well I wonder why the beautiful blue one is called "common" far from that to me it is gorgeous

Adam said...

Well done on PH Wareen - been checking the Oaks in Barming Woods on the offchance but yet to find one! Get your record into Butterfly Conservation - think yours will be a new site! Blooging works!


J'ellen said...

That peacock butterfly is esp. nice, very pretty one...well done!

Kelly said...

...glad your weather has vastly improved! Lovely lavender color on the Purple Hairstreak (another new butterfly for me). Love the oranges and reds in the other butterflies.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Warren: You certainly get to see so many great butterflies.