Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Above and below: Siskin
below : Bullfinch
Below: Sparrowhawk

Above: the first garden crocus showed itself today, things are on the change!

A more different day from yesterday could not be had. After a slight frost, the day dawned bright and sunny, and stayed that way all day.

This afternoons walk was a sheer joy, the sun shone and the temperature rose to 9C, alot of the common birds were in full song, GREAT and BLUE TITS, ROBINS, CHAFFINCH, SONGTHRUSH, DUNNOCK and even a BLACKBIRD. Those that weren't singing were calling vigorously, making for a great sound as I walked over to the lake area. Whilst checking the water, and finding 6 CANADA GEESE, 8 MALLARDS and 4 MOORHEN, I could hear a NUTHATCH calling and a MISTLE THRUSH singing. The MARSH TIT was located in the adjacent scrub, along with COAL TIT and TREECREEPER, however the sight of a SPARROWHAWK gliding slowly over soon had the place in silence!

I wandered off across to Migrant Alley as well today, and sat in the sunshine on my favoured horse jump, whilst lapping up the warmth of the sun, I saw another Sparrowhawk fly over, being chased by a BLACK HEADED GULL that was squealing like a little girl in a playground, it seemed to move the hawk on pretty promptly though! Also seen was the KESTREL that hunts around the Greenhouse complex, the first sighting here since the 8th. Walking back, I checked the alder trees and large Blackthorn bush that are in the greenhouse grounds, a pair of SISKINS were in the Alders, and five BULLFINCH in the Blackthorn.

Nothing much of note today, but it was good to get out in some decent weather, I'm off work for the rest of the week, so some intense patch watching will be had, lets hope this weather holds!


Greenie said...

Warren ,
It was certainly good to feel the warmth of the sun again , mind you , your final words will probably put the mockers on things !
Great shots today .

The Early Birder said...

What a difference a day makes plus the sunshine. I've still yet to bag a Siskin!

Anonymous said...

The bullfinch is neat and so is the sparrowhawk.

The sunflower chips and hearts and pieces is all we feed. Now and then we get some safflower seeds as a treat but few eat it. So most goes to waste on the ground. The squirrels won't touch it.

ShySongbird said...

We've had the weather you had yesterday, it poured nearly all day!

Lovely photo of the Bullfinch and how nice to see a Crocus already, my Snowdrops have only just put in an appearance. Enjoy your days off :)

Chris said...

Hi Warren,
Wow you got pretty good shots! I love the bullfinch and the siskins!!! Nice that you got a nice weather and some nice temps!! It happened here for 1h today but then it got too cold!!!!

Sharon said...

Very nice photos Warren - are they with the new camera? Love the Siskin shots.
Nice to see you had a bit of sunshine today, we've had cold icy mornings followed by sun! Beginning to think I'm not in Ireland anymore - it hasn't rained for a while! :-)

Sharon said...

PS - enjoy your few days off!

Monika said...

Funny how much our weather coincides half a world away. We had a very spring-like day here today, too - much nicer for photographing birds and spotting the first spring flowers. I hope it holds for your days off!

Warren Baker said...

The pics were taken with the new camera yes.

Jann said...

The crocus shot made my heart jump LOL, how exciting to see spring flowers so early...about another month before I will. No sunshine today either, blah.