Sunday, 28 February 2010

The expected storm system came in overnight, the winds were not as bad as forecast, but the rain was! Below is a photo of the fields to the front of my house, totally waterlogged.

The rain eased from very heavy, to just plain heavy around 08:30, so I thought I'd venture out for a quick trip to the lake area - as todays full patch walk was called off.

On the way there the rain came on strong again, and I just kept going, head down, trying not to step into one of the large muddy puddles that had formed in every hole, dip or hollow. The wet woods were now just one big pool, which had overflowed onto the footpaths, I had no choice but to wade through the ankle deep water and was thinking maybe I should have stayed at home!

Anyway, upon reaching the lake, which was now as full as I have ever seen it, all I got for my efforts was a CORMORANT, and the COOT, now on it's 7th day stay. After a quick scan of the lake edges, I squelched off back home - a frustrating last day of a frustrating month.

Much of the day was spent watching the garden feeders, and quite a few birds were making use of them. Best of the bunch were the pair of SISKIN, and the returning BRAMBLING.

Below is a photo of the 12 port feeder, crammed with hungry birds, with more waiting for their turn. Not a very clear photo, it was almost dark!

The month ended with a total of 60 species being recorded, the 3rd highest of the nine years, so it wasn't entirely disappointing. However, the combined total for all nine February's is now 79, so maybe a few more species could have been anticipated. On the other hand the mean species total for february is 59. In all, a very mixed February.


Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Well you beat the mean so in soite of everything it can't have been THAT bad...tomorrow is another month!

Keep it up


ShySongbird said...

That isn't a bad total at all considering the conditions Warren.

Lots of activity on the feeder, I wonder if you get as much mess underneath it as I do under mine, it is really difficult to keep it clear. I started buying kibbled Sunflower hearts to minimise the mess but that gets clogged in the feeders. I really need slabs underneath but with the tree roots they won't be easy to lay level. I tried putting plant saucers underneath to catch the waste but they get waterlogged even with drainage holes. Oh well I'm sure I've bored you to death so I'll go now :)

Warren Baker said...

Hi Songbird,
You never bore me you are most prolific of my commenters, and I thank you for that.

As for the feeders, I have layed slabs under them, and each and every day I sweep them clean. Its not easy when its wet, as it all turns to porridge!

The Early Birder said...

As usual the weather played it's part Warren. Good total. FAB.

Anonymous said...

Not bad a total Warren, considering the poor weather all month. March!!! bring it on.