Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A cold northerly wind blew today, making it feel raw, but if you could get out of it, and get in the sunshine it felt quite warm.

Once again, walking home from work across Migrant Alley, the largish flock of mixed winter thrushes were present, I reckoned on 60/40 split in favour of REDWING, a few BLACK HEADED GULLS were aslo out on the sheep pasture.

Not very much to report from my afternoon stroll over to the lake, it was all very much the same as yesterday, without any Canada Geese though! The GOLDCRESTS were in the same tree in the lakeside scrub, but had increased to three birds, the MARSH TIT was was also nearby, as were a pair of COAL TITS.

On the lake just 2 MALLARD and a MOORHEN were present, but I think the area had been disturbed not long before I arrived.

The months list is stalling, as is the year list, i'm 12 species behind last February, but only 4 behind where I was this time last year.

Below is another attempt at photographing the Goldcrest

The next 3 photo's were taken in at my garden feeders


Lastly a Male GREENFINCH


This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Warren: What a beautiful woodpecker, looks to be the size of our Downy.

Forest the Bear said...

Loving that Woody and the shy little Goldcrest!!

The Woody's are slowly spreading throughout Co.Wicklow & Wexford, so I plan to try and at least see one of these recent additions to the Irish landscape.

ShySongbird said...

You couldn't call it warm at any point here, we have had rapid snow showers all afternoon and I think it's freezing now so will be treacherous underfoot!

Lovely photos again, I do wish you'd leave a note out for that Woodpecker asking it to come my way :)

Anonymous said...

Stalled up here too, Warren. Where have all the regular species buggered off to ?

swatson said...

love the little goldcrest,and nice to see the sun shining on your woodpecker Warren.