Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The weather was much better today, but still with a biting NE wind, the flock of 200 or so REDWING and FIELDFARE were seen again as I walked home from work across Migrant Alley, a small contingent of STARLINGS were also with them.

As usual I walked over to the lake this afternoon, finding the mixed finch flock in the Small Holding along the way, mostly CHAFFINCH'S, and GOLDFINCH'S, with smaller numbers of GREENFINCH'S, they were all chatting and preening, taking time out from my nearby garden feeding station.

The Wet Woods had the usual LONG TAILED TIT flock in it, they will be thinking about pairing up for breeding soon, also in the woods GREAT TITS sang, GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKERS drummed, and a couple of MALLARD dabbled on the pools of water.

On the lake just 2 CANADA GEESE remained, with 4 Mallard and 2 MOORHEN. A search of the surrounding scrub revealed a pair of GOLDCRESTS, and the MARSH TIT, whilst over head a KESTREL was hunting.

On the walk home I checked the Little owl roost, but it wasn't there today, nor has it been all this month yet. Crossing the Tree Nursery, another sign of winters end, when a SPARROWHAWK was displaying over the wet woods, making deep and steep undulations - great to watch.

Nothing new for the month or year list, but a very pleasant walk out today.

Below are a few photo's of the Marsh Tit, the light wasn't that good, but I got lots of shots

Above and below are a couple of Goldcrest Photo's, its good to see these tiny birds have come through the worst of the winter

Lastly a ROBIN - always a nice bird to photograph


Oxonhoath Birds said...

Nice Pics Warren

ShySongbird said...

Great photos Warren! Beautiful birds.

Forest the Bear said...

That is a great collection of cute little critters!

Sharon said...

Lovely that you got photos of the little Goldcrest - usually quite "flitty" (if thats a word?!)

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Warren: You always surprise me with your birds. Some are so close to ours while others are unknown to me. I love your Robin. Our Robins are all further South.

darrell j prest said...

nice marsh tits

Lancs and Lakes Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Hi Warrren, how you get Marsh tit to stay still long enough for all those pics? Think your Little owl has turned up here one has been seen in an unusual place not far from Base Camp!?!



Adam said...

Great pics of Marsh Tit - you're so lucky ti get this as patch regular!


Anonymous said...

Marsh Tit, Grrrrrr. I wish they`d hurry up and cross the border from Nottinghamshire.

Warren Baker said...

I cant put comments on your site, whats wrong with it.

Forest the Bear said...

Thanks for the heads-up on the problem Warren, I have changed the comments box to pop-up format so it should work now. The embedded format does not seem to be working for some reason.

Thanks again!!!