Monday, 15 February 2010

The early sun disappeared around noon, so it was back to the cold and dull conditions for this afternoons patch walk, although a few bright spells did show up from time to time.

Some of the 'missing' species that were not seen yesterday showed themselves today, COAL TIT, was one of them, a pair chased around the lakeside scrub, where NUTHATCH, TREECREEPER and LONG TAILED TIT were also seen, the latter are now being seen in pairs rather than the large flocks, a sign that they are getting ready for spring nesting.

On the Lake, 3 MALLARDS dabbled, and 2 MOORHENS skulked along the bank, also 13 CANADA GEESE had arrived, a peak count for the year. A PIED WAGTAIL that flew over the lake was a species missed yesterday.

The Wet Woods had nothing much going on apart from GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKERS, and the Small Holding had its flock of finches, with a mix of BLUE and GREAT TITS. All in all still very quiet!

I'm still 12 species behind last February, and unless something dramatic happens around my patch, I cant see me adding much else. I have got Thur and Fri off work this week, so some serious time will be put in to remedy that!

I borrowed a mates Camera today, (thanks Dave) It's a canon 50D with a 70-300 IS zoom lens, if I get on with it ok this week i'll buy the same set up on friday. Below is the only photo that was any good, a new camera takes some getting used to, after having the same one round my neck for over two years, it was like a third appendage - or fourth even, my bins are the third!

One of the 13 Canada geese on the lake today.


Sharp by Nature said...

Plenty of time yet Warren, nearly two weeks before the end of Feb.
The 70-300 lens is the one I have settled for together with the Canon 500D. Should start shooting next week!
Best of luck for thursday and friday.

Warren Baker said...

Yep, things will pick up,.......I hope

ShySongbird said...

I rather fancied that model but heard it is heavier than mine (450D) so it put me off a bit, not that I can afford a new one! I believe it performs better in low light levels. Did you find it particularly heavy?

Chris said...

Hi Warren,
Not too many birds around mate... about the same here. you should definitively go for a 50D, it is a marvelous camera, I'm so happy of mine!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with trying a different camera/lens Warren.

I`m the same regards the lack of birds. It`s far too quiet for my liking.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Nice to be rich enough to go for the 50D !
There's also a 550D - 18M pixels about to be released .

Warren Baker said...

The 50D is indeed heavier (than my 400D). It has a tiny little on/off switch, that is not in a handy position, which looks a little fragile, but thats jusy a minor thing.