Friday, 12 February 2010

The dull cloudy weather was back today, but at least the biting cold wind had dropped quite a bit.

It seems the birds have vanished with the sunshine, when I went out this afternoon it was really disappointing. A few species were seen in the Small Holding, mainly finch's and Tits, as well as a few REDWING and FIELDFARE, a bit of a surprise was seeing two pairs of MALLARD there. The Wet Woods, and the lake area were very quiet indeed.

A dozen Mallard were on the lake with 2 MOORHENS. A COAL TIT, a BULLFINCH and a GOLDCREST called from the surrounding scrub, a few HERRING and BLACK HEADED GULLS went over, but it was just one of those days today. I did see the first NUTHATCH of the month to come to my garden feeders last thing this afternoon, the 20 species to do so this month.

Above. A bit of a surprise.....Mallards at the Small Holding

Above: The ''extensive'' reed bed on my patch was empty. :-)

Above: This is for Dave of 'Lancashire and Lakeland outback adventure safaris' I know how he likes a bit of machinery. It must have been a quiet time for me to take Helicopter pics. :-)


Sharp by Nature said...

Was it hovering Warren? If so you could count it as a kestrel!

ShySongbird said...

Not my favourite bird Warren, I'd rather have one of Sheila's Waxwings :)

Warren Baker said...

Songbird, Ive told sheila i'm not visiting her sight all the time she posts waxwing pics!

Chris said...

Hi Warren,
well eventually you will get nice sunshine one day.. We got that for the week and it feels very good!!! I'll try to send you some ;-)

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Thanks Warren - nice roters!!! and a Nuthatch to boot! Well done.



Monika said...

On slow days I count the plane flyovers as "stiff-winged hawks"....not sure where to classify the 'copter though!

Pensionasuka said...

Hello,Warren!Thanks for visited and comment my blog.You have very nice photos too.I will link your blog to my link list too.Thanks a gain!

Forest the Bear said...

Maybe they sent the chopper over to check that no knackers were chopping down your Oak trees!

ShySongbird said...

I know you have that's why I thought I would rub it in a bit :) :)