Thursday, 25 February 2010

Early this morning as I walked to work, I was priviliged to see one of the PEREGRINES flying low across Migrant Alley, no doubt after a Fieldfare or Redwing, of which there are far fewer of since the weekend.

Well that's it for today!! I got home from work, had something to eat, and the moment I stepped out the door big dark clouds rolled in and heavy rain fell, so I was out just long enough to scan the lake area and come straight back. In that 35 mins I got soaked!
It wasn't really worth my effort either, the tree surgeons were working in the adjacent garden, they had turned their attention from taking off small deadwood, to chopping down a sycamore, the lying bastards! They told me all they were doing is taking out dead wood. I noticed their truck had Hadlow College signage on it, is nowhere safe from the chop and burn policy of this so called ''Land Management'' education facility!
After all that chainsaw noise, all I saw on the lake were 9 MALLARD, two MOORHEN and my old friend the COOT, which is now going for the record stay on my patch, which at the moment goes for the Coot found on the 19 Dec. 2008 which stayed for 9 days.

This poor birding month seems to be getting no better, have you ever had the feeling everythings against you?? Or am I just pissed off because of the weather? I think it's time I dug out some of those happy pills again!!


Chris said...

Hi Warren,
March will be better mate, for you at least, as now we are under tons of snow over here... It has been snowing since yesterday evening!!!

EP Andy said...


Hang in there mate, I think we are all pissed off with this weather. It CAN only get better and at least the days are a lot longer and the birds are singing when off to work, us that is, not the birds.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Also got soaked finishing off up on the Common this afternoon .
Just 30 mins later was all we asked .

Derek Faulkner said...

Just think Warren, in a few months time you'll be complaining about how hot and sunny it is.

Sharon said...

Don't they always say that a hard winter means a hot summer?!
Keep at it Warren, it could be worse!

ShySongbird said...

No you're definitely not the only one Warren I am too! I think I preferred the snow to the rain at least it brought some interesting birds in. As for the so called tree surgeons, I should think that just about put the tin hat on it!

If the happy pills don't work you could always borrow Dean's rope when I've finished with it ;)

Anonymous said...

I`ll swap you the rope for the happy pills Warren, cos just like you, i need something to mask out all this shitty weather ;-)