Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Rain fell, and a blustery, cool wind blew for this afternoons walk. I was out for 2 hours, from 2pm, the same length of time as yesterdays walk, and the same track was undertaken. However only 25 species were recorded, compared to the 40 of yesterday, the birds were obviously keeping out of the weather!

Checking the February stats, they show an average of 59 species has been recorded for this month, and that seems to be reachable for this February, I can think of 18 species that I have a good chance of finding in the next 26 days.

So it was with those 18 species in mind that I set off this afternoon, the wet woods was scoured, but I only found (heard) GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKERS, MOORHENS and GREAT TITS the latter calling incessantly, as they do at this time of year. Walking to the Lake along the wooded footpath I hoped for Goldcrest, Nuthatch, or a glimpse of the Marsh Tit, but in the wet conditions none were forthcomming. The lake itself had at least thawed out, but there were no surprises for me there today, only the usual half a dozen MALLARD and a couple of Moorhens. I kept my eye on the sky for the first sparrowhawk of the month, but that didn't show either, the only bird out of the 18 targeted today that did show was the PHEASANT (41), at least I got something from the visit. :-). I checked the Little Owl roost, along the edge of the wet woods, but it wasn't there today, so the 4kg of mud I collected on each boot in doing so made it even more frustrating! The soggy walk back home didn't provide anything in the way extending the months list, despite much skyscanning, and a quick half hour looking at the garden feeders once home, didn't come up with the hoped for Brambling.

More rain forecast for tomorrow, but i'll be out for another session!


Chris said...

Hi Warren,
Well the good side of this is that you got one new species and still 26 days left, so good chances to get this record... here the weather is getting cold but better. It is not raining anymore and we usually have some nice light in the beginning of the afternoon. I hope the sune will reach you soon!

Anonymous said...

We`ve got snow forecast for Wednesday, then rain for the rest of the week. Nice, not!!

ShySongbird said...

Ten out of ten for perseverance whatever the weather Warren :)