Saturday, 27 February 2010

The penultimate full patch walk for february took place this morning, and it didn't start too well. First thing this morning it was throwing it down, but by 07:00 it eased off and finally stopped just after, it remained dry but dull for the remainder of the day.

It was a good visit compared to recent days, with a days list of 47 species. Everything turned up that was expected, except a NUTHATCH, but that was seen in my garden later this afternoon, so 48 species was eventually reached.

It was still a bit disappointing not to find some of the ''missing'' species that have graced my patch in previous February's, i'm still lacking the Meadow Pipit, Little Owl, Kingfisher, and Grey Wagtail, all are not uncommon in Feb. Also species such as Snipe, and Reed Bunting may have been found, although they are less common.

So what was about today ? Well, it was nice to see 3 raptor species, the PEREGRINE that flew over Migrant Alley, and over to the Tower, the KESTREL that was back hunting around the Greenhouse Complex, and a SPARROWHAWK hunting thriough the Wet woods. The 'Winter Thrushes' have diminished greatly over this past week, only a small flock of 16 REDWING were seen on the paddocks at Migrant Alley, with just half a dozen FIELDFARE, they seem to be leaving us early this year, the mean last 'recorded date' for Fieldfare is the 30th Mar. and for Redwing it's the 31 of Mar, so there should be the odd few around for another month or so yet.

Over at the Lakes, the COOT remained into it's 6th day, only 4 more days and it will be the longest staying Coot on my patch ever :-) There was also a single CORMORANT fishing on the main lake, that made a nice change from the MOORHEN, MALLARD and CANADA GEESE that are normally there, and indeed were there today.

The usual suspects were found in the Wet Woods and various other bits of habitat, including TREECREEPER, GOLDCREST, BULLFINCH, COAL TIT, LONG TAILED TIT, two singing SISKIN, both GREEN and GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKERS and two different LESSER REDPOLLS - one at the Migrant Alley Alders, and one at the College stream Alders.


The last February visit may well be a short affair, as a storm system is moving in, but i'll try anyway :-)

Photo's today come from my garden, it's still too dull really for photo's, but the new camera does a good job.

Above and below: BLUE TITS


This DUNNOCK pic was looking good, but the feeders hanger got in the way! It looks like the curl of the hanger is in front of the bird, but its actually behind it.

The colouful finch's were abundant as usual, below is the male CHAFFINCH

A couple of GOLDFINCH

Lastly a Male GREENFINCH

I also had a visit from a Male Sparrowhawk, the first to visit the garden this year - species number 25 to do so.


Pete Woodruff said...

Interesting and perhaps worrying that you were able to list six species 'missing' from your February list. Still keeping tabs on you Warren.

Enjoy your birding.


Chris said...

New camera... Did I miss something? You got a new camera ;-) It did pretty well under this light condition and your pictures are superb!
Still snowing over here, I finally got to do a snowman with our daughter and some sledge play!! That's cool mate, but now the snow is really coming heavily and I guess we have it for a while!

Kelly said...

I have a lot of catching up to do, and as with Chris, I seem to have missed your post on the new camera as well. I read your post on the Land Management crew cutting down the Sycamore. How disappointing... You have some lovely captures today.

ShySongbird said...

We have the rain at this end of the day, It is torrential! I dashed up the garden late this afternoon to top up the feeders and the rain went right through my coat in moments :(

Your camera really does cope well on dull days, great photos. Forty seven sounds good to me! Hope you do well on your last visit and don't get too wet :)

Anonymous said...

"Meadow Pipit, Little Owl, Kingfisher, and Grey Wagtail."

Coincidence or what Warren. I`m also down on those species, plus a couple of others.

Great photos btw.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Warren: what i really like about your site is that I am learning a lot of the birds names from your country. Thanks so much for sharing your great photos.

Anonymous said...

I do like all your stories and photos.

I will have to post all the sparrows on one post. Or all that we have here in Ohio. There are a lot more that I never get to see or have not seen yet.

Jann said...

Fabulous blue tit and all the other photos too Warren, I'm still jealous of your variety this time of year, even tho I got that FABby close up of the bald eagle! So many birds, so little time, and too far the distance. Awesome shots.