Friday, 5 February 2010

Thanks to all who left comments on my last post congratulating me on the saving of the Oaks, I hope it inspires others to have a go :-)

Unfortunately I had a visit to the dentist this afternoon, which didn't leave time to get out onto my patch. Typical ! It was the best afternoon of the week weatherwise, I could just imagine a Coot or Goosander swimming on the lake.:-)

The only birds seen today were as I walked home from work, a small flock of REDWING and FIELDFARE were on the fields at Migrant Alley, along with 43 BLACK HEADED GULLS.

I had half an hour before leaving for the dentist so I spent it taking some photo's of the Garden visitors. It was good to see a pair of SISKIN back on the sunflower hearts

Below is the Female Siskin, with a BLUE TIT for company

Below is the Male Siskin

This JACKDAW has learned to cling onto the nut feeder, it now needs filling every 3 days!

Lastly, this Male BLACKBIRD has lost it tail, and alot of body feathers on its back, a Hawk attack maybe ?


ShySongbird said...

Poor old Blackbird, he has definitely been in the wars somehow and poor you, having to give your attention to the dentist instead of the birds! Nice to see you are still getting the Siskins.

Chris said...

Hi Warren,
Poor black bird, he probably was lucky to save his life... It is incredible how many birds you have on your feeders and if you want you can send the siskins over here. I've only seen one over here in 2008!!

Adam said...

Hi Warren

Good to see you in press - small article about your blog in the Kent Messenger today. Fame at last!


Kelly said...

...those darn dentist appointments. They get in the way every time! :-) The poor blackbird. I've not seen a bird with that many missing feathers. I have seen starlings plucking feathers out of woodpeckers and vice versa during feeder wars between the two.