Sunday, 25 November 2012

A short window of dry and sunny weather was experienced for this mornings full patch walk, before it turned grey and wet again for this afternoon  :-(

The brighter conditions were however tempered by a gale force wind, making it very difficult to locate most bird species, and the species total for the morning reached a less than average 39.

The Wet Woods was home to at least 4 GOLDCRESTS, and a TREECREEPER, plus a few BLUE and GREAT TITS. Nine MALLARDS, a CORMORANT, two MOORHEN and a GREY HERON were at the Lakes, the adjacent garden had the MARSH TIT at their feeders, my feeders are obviously not good enough anymore!

The Tree Nursery had 4 MEADOW PIPITS today, plus the resident KESTREL pair hunting over it, 3 SONGTHRUSH and 2 REDWING flew from the vegetation, and 3 GREYLAG GEESE flew over whilst I was there. The Greenhouse Grounds was of more interest, with a party of 4 LESSER REDPOLL, 6 SISKIN and 8 GOLDFINCH seen in the Alders again.

A walk round the College Grounds provided a few regular common species, with the highlight being a KINGFISHER on one of the ponds, and a fly through SPARROWHAWK. Species not seen today, that could of been anticipated, were; Pheasant, Greenfinch, Bullfinch, Long Tailed Tit, Mistlethrush, and Fieldfare.

I took the camera out this morning and got a photo of both the Redpoll and Siskin at the Greenhouse Grounds, it was hard work though, as they were being tossed around by the wind!
Lesser Redpoll
Lesser Redpoll
Lesser Redpoll
This afternoon I watched my garden feeders for a while, where I was treated to a GREEN WOODPECKER, only the second one ever to come into my garden, this is the 36th garden species for the year, which equals the best annual total achieved in my garden, 36 species were also recorded in the previous two years.The November garden total moves on to 26, two better than the second best November tally.
Green Woodpecker. Amazing how the camera coped with the conditions, this photo was taken through rain splattered double glazing, with some very dark light levels.
The JAYS continue to frequent the garden too.


Marc Heath said...

Nice lighting on the Redpoll shots. Typical, a sunny day and I'm stuck indoors.

Warren Baker said...

It was only sunny for a couple of hours :-)

ShySongbird said...

Green Woodpecker in your garden! You're really pushing it now Warren, what next I wonder ;-)

Warren Baker said...

How about a Lesser Redpoll :-)

Jason K said...

Nice Redpoll shots Warren. Not had Redpoll or Siskin as yet this winter

Jason K said...

at Shenstone that is

Warren Baker said...

That surprises me Jase, there are lots of both species about this year.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Really like the Redpoll shots .
Re.a fire yesterday , the volunteers who were going to burn off the brash decided it was too wet to turn up . Mind you , I don't think they would have got a fire started in the conditions .

Anonymous said...

Smart birds them there Lesser Redpolls.

Alan Pavey said...

Great pics mate really like the Green Woodie and the Redpolls great stuff :-)

Rohrerbot said...

Wonderful shots Warren!

Gary Jones said...

wow Green Woodpecker in your garden...brilliant... we only got a short weather window as well, was photographing Whoopers at WWT Martin Mere.