Thursday, 29 November 2012

At last a day free of wind and rain! So I was able to get out for a ninety minute walk, visiting the lakes, Wet Woods, Tree Nursery and Greenhouse Grounds. Gas cannons and chainsaws were ruining the peace and quiet still, but the lakes did have 12 MALLARD and a little bit of variety with 2 CORMORANTS fishing there. Whilst at the lakes BULLFINCH, SISKIN and 2 GOLDCREST were noted around the bankside undergrowth.

Quickly moving out into the Wet Woods, there was no sign of a hoped for Teal, although I found a small mixed feeding flock, this included a TREECREEPER, 4 more Goldcrest, a couple of GREAT TITS and a GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER.

Out in the open of the Tree Nursery, quite a few small flocks of REDWING were seen going over, the largest was one containing 11 birds, also a single SKYLARK went over. In the nursery grounds amongst the shrubs, the 2 MEADOW PIPIT were found again, as were a pair of GRENWOODPECKERS, a few SONGTHRUSH flew from cover to cover, along with the plentiful BLACKBIRDS, and 4 GOLDFINCH fed on some Teasels, yet another 2 Goldcrest were also found in the boundary hedgerow.

I had time before dusk to have a look through the Greenhouse Grounds, where just a couple of LESSER REDPOLL and Siskin were in the Alders, a stand of tall seeding vegetation ( I dont know what type!) was providing food for no less than 6 DUNNOCKS, strange seeing a flock of Dunnock :-)  Overhead a KESTREL was hunting, and a COMMON BUZZARD flew low over, the only other flyovers of interest noted were HERRING and BLACK HEADED GULLS, the Greenhouse Copse was again good for seeing the LITTLE OWL, which I got a photo of, but it was disturbed by a dog walker before I got a decent photo chance! Great to be out again!  :-)
Little Owl at the Greenhouse Copse
Common Buzzard, flying over the Greenhouses, into the sun as usual
Common Buzzard


ShySongbird said...

Glad you were able to get out on the patch today Warren :-) It was lovely to have some sun here for a change, annoyingly, I couldn't get out with the camera though. I'm very envious of the Little Owl! Nice to see close pics of the Buzzard too.

Warren Baker said...

Hi Songbird,
I got lucky with both the Owl and the Buzzard :-)

Marianne said...

Love that little scowly owl face :) Glad you got out on a non-rainy day!

Rohrerbot said...

Great finds on a great day! Glad you had a non rainy day. Carpe diem:) Like your little owl:)

Christian said...

A nicely framed owl, mate.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Super Little Owl shot , looks like he's got real attitude .

Anonymous said...

I`ve not seen a Buzzard for a while now Warren. Great pics again.

Adam said...

nice owl