Monday, 12 November 2012

Both the local Kestrels were up hunting around the Greenhouse Grounds this morning as I walked to work, plus a male SPARROWHAWK sped over the pasture at Migrant Alley, where in an adjacent large garden the usual mornings greeting of a large barking dog flushed out a LITTLE OWL.

That unfortunately was the last birding of the day, as rain moved in for the afternoon making for another damp, dull, and depressing early winters afternoon  :-( 

The garden birding was constantly interrupted by the Sprawk, and I eventually tired of getting up and flushing it from it's ambush position in the leylandi tree at the bottom of my garden!

Here's the photo's from yesterday afternoon, taken at the garden feeders, these brighten the page a bit!



Kelly said...

Warren, the nuthatch is stellar. Bright eyes and beautiful feather detail!

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Kelly,
They do like to pose for the camera :-)

Ken. said...

Shame about the weather, not good for the months tally.
Like the nuthatch photo.

Warren Baker said...

Hi Ken,
Hopefully the weather will relent, and I will find some more species!

Adam said...

great birds

ShySongbird said...

They brighten the day as well as the page Warren :-) The Nuthatch really is a beauty. My garden visitors are very much intimidated by a Sprawk at the moment. It has been a regular visitor for a while now rather than the occasional one it used to be. I know they have to eat too but I wish it would lay off my dininer guests for a while ;-) ....I see you caught one of its pals on camera yesterday.

Alan Pavey said...
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Alan Pavey said...

Great Nuthatch pic Mate :-)

Warren Baker said...

Its exciting the first few times a Sprawk visits, but after the initial wow factor has gone they become irritating ! :-)