Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The first Tawny Owls (55) since May were heard as I lay in bed last night, ( I should start a bed list!)

The owl theme continued this afternoon when a LITTLE OWL was seen at the Small Holding whilst walking through on my way to the Lakes. I checked the Wet Woods for a chance Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, but its been a few years since I have recorded one here, I also checked the Pools of water for a possible Teal, but none had arrived yet.

On the Lakes today there was an improvement from yesterday, the KINGFISHER was seen again, and both CORMORANT and GREY HERON were fishing here, 16 MALLARD is the most seen for some time, and a half dozen MOORHEN skulked around the water margins. Only a brief view into the Scrubby Woods was had, as I wanted to make time for a visit to the Tree Nursery and Greenhouse Grounds later, as a consequence not much was noted, BULLFINCH, COAL TIT and a troop of LONG TAILED TITS were about it.

At The Tree Nursery 2 KESTRELS were up hunting, and the half dozen MEADOW PIPITS were still in the rough grassland, along with 2 GREEN WOODPECKERS and 2 SONGTHRUSH. Moving on to the Greenhouse Grounds the more notable species were a flock of about 40 birds, around 25 were GOLDFINCH with the rest being made up of LESSER REDPOLLS, at one point one of the Kestrels came over and put them all to flight, making them give a delightful mix of tinkling calls, not a mix I have heard before :-)

A scan across the fields and paddocks of Migrant Alley revealed flocks of STARLING ( c120) WOODPIGEON (c50) and ROOKS (c75) three FIELDFARE also flew out of the sheep pasture. In the distance I saw that the Tower in the village had started to have the Scaffolding removed, it will remain to be seen if the Peregrines return to their former haunt though.

The walk home along Ashes Lane was of note, when a single LINNET (56) the first this month alighted on a tall Ash Tree, maybe the for-runner of a winter roost, as they have had a winter roost in the adjacent Tree Nursery in previous years - something to keep an eye out for :-)

No photo's today  :-( the bright sunny and crisp weather stayed around only as long as I was at work, the afternoon being dull , grey and drizzly - :-(


Greenie said...

Warren ,
The idea of a bed list sounds intriguing , but would it prove too soporific ?
And would it work over ones partner's ZZZZZZZs ?

Steve Ashton said...

Your Fox blog header photo is a cracker Warren, can you get up tonight and get a Tawny photo please.

Warren Baker said...

My lying position in bed gives me a view across the Greenhouses, I once saw a Peregrine whilst suffering from man flu :-)

Warren Baker said...

Their were two tawnies, a few meters away in an Oak tree across the lane to my front upstairs window, but I couldn't see 'em - and of course getting a photo fleetingly went through my mind!

Marc Heath said...

That's great birding. Laying in bed listening to Owls. Fab stuff.

ShySongbird said...

Birding from bed sounds very pleasant :-) I hope Ashes Lane is not ging to suffer this dreadful disease. I heard all British Ash Trees could be affected within ten years :-(

Alan Pavey said...

Nice to hear the Tawny, I haven't heard one for ages.

Warren Baker said...

I fear the worst, I think our Ash trees will go the way of the Elms - very tragic if so :-(