Saturday, 17 November 2012

After no patch visit yesterday due to the dreadfully dull, misty and wet conditions, I was eager to get out at first light this morning for a full patch walk. Initially the weather remained dull and drizzly, but it lifted by mid morning, to leave some brighter spells.

There were few birds about during the 3 and a half hour visit, and the days species total reached a little below average 41, but there were some highlights for me, notably a decent sized flock of SISKIN that were in Alder Trees along the College Stream, at least 60 were seen. A KINGFISHER was also seen at the College Gardens on one of the small ponds there, another Kingfisher was found over at the lakes too, where a GREY HERON was also seen, as well as at least 10 MOORHEN, but the only ducks involved 3 MALLARD. In the adjacent Scrubby Woods, a party of at least 4 BULLFINCH plus a TREECREEPER were about the best of it.

Flyover species made up a large part of todays list, with the likes of HERRING GULL, BLACK HEADED GULL, LESSER BLACK BACKED GULL, FIELDFARE, REDWING, LESSER REDPOLL, YELLOWHAMMER and another 2 Grey herons all passing through. Just one KESTREL was seen up hunting over the Tree Nursery today, and the SPARROWHAWK was seen successfully hunting in a hedgerow at Migrant Alley, taking a DUNNOCK by the looks of it.

A flock of a dozen LONG TAILED TITS were located at the Greenhouse Grounds, they were joined by 2 or 3 each of GREAT and BLUE TITS, as well as 2 GOLDCRESTS.

Around midday, a brief spell of sunshine was had, allowing me to grab some garden bird photo's. Here's a selection, i'll put more up during this coming week, when it gets dark and wet again!  :-)

Great Tit


Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Crackin Jay portraits Warren - I only ever see em flying over the motorway about 1/4 mile in front of the bonnet!



Warren Baker said...

Thanks Davo,
They do like a peanut or two, keeps 'em visiting the garden :-)

Stewart said...

Marsh Tits have been extinct in my village for three years now Warren...

Marc Heath said...

With the year drawing to a close soon, it may be all the birds we get now, just the local ones. I will swap you a Marsh Tit for a Waxwing!

ShySongbird said...

Love the Marsh Tit and the bright and cheerful Goldfinch Warren. Bright and cheerful being non existent here, yet another miserable, dull day. Supposed to be better tomorrow though :-)

Warren Baker said...

They are going that way here :-(

Warren Baker said...

Ive only got the one Marsh Tit!

Warren Baker said...

It was mostly miserable here too, fingers crossed for tomorrow, but it looks like it is only a brief settled day :-(

Pete Woodruff said...

....and a nice flock of at least 60 Siskin too Warren.

Anonymous said...

You sure...that Marsh Tit isn`t stuffed

Warren Baker said...

I'm not telling Dean ;-)