Sunday, 11 November 2012

Most of the four hour full patch walk was shrouded in dense fog this morning, more frustration, especially as the rest of the day was mild, bright and sunny!
A view of the small hamlet of Pittswood, just as the fog was clearing
With all that fog around it is unsurprising that a poor daylist of just 37 species was recorded, I would expect 43 - 45 at this time of year. There were no new additions to the November list, I felt sure a Goose of some description would turn up, or a Stock Dove. There were a couple of highlights though, a KINGFISHER was heard at the Lakes, and a BUZZARD was seen over the Wet Woods, at least 8 SISKIN were feeding in Alders at the Greenhouse Grounds, along with 3 LESSER REDPOLL, and a dozen GOLDFINCH, while over at the Tree Nursery 2 MEADOW PIPITS still remain, and the pair of KESTRELS were up hunting. Towards the end of the visit the fog started to lift, and flyovers from BLACK HEADED GULL, HERRING GULL and a small flock of 8 SKYLARK were seen.

Only 4 FIELDFARE were seen, but Redwing were one of the missing species, along with the likes of Pheasant, Greenfinch, and Great Spotted Woodpecker.
Goldfinch at the Greenhouse Grounds
  Below is a photo of the first bird I saw this morning - a SPARROWHAWK that perched on my garden fence, an appalling image, but it was almost completely dark and taken through double glazing, so the photo has been heavily brightened  :-)
I spent over an hour in my garden shed this afternoon, awaiting the return of yesterdays Brambling at the feeders,, but it didn't turn up, and I was left to photograph COAL TITS and NUTHATCH, i'll put those on tomorrows post  :-)


Marianne said...

Urgh, sorry about the fog. There wasn't any here this morning (sorry, I'm just rubbing it in now...). I'd say it's not a bad daylist considering you had zero visibility for most of it... The Sprawk's a beauty. So's the Goldfinch, but he needs to wipe his bill :)

Jason K said...

Cracking male sprawk Warren. Love your fox header mate

Chris said...

You again got a sparrowhwak! Wow very impressive.. Did you get waxwing in your area... You are not stopping to find them everyhwere here. We got a yellow-rumped warbler too yesterday and was with several other rarities like great tit (3), chiffchaff and blackcap!! incredible!