Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Yet again the weather prevented any patch walk this afternoon, heavy rain and gales battered the area for a time this afternoon, and it barely got light at all, even my garden feeders were quite in the conditions :-(

The only thing to report was that a single male HOUSE SPARROW briefly visited the garden, the first to do so since October 7th! This is the 25th species to visit my garden this month - the best November list for the garden since I moved here 13 years ago  :-)

A few more garden images from last weekend  -:
I'd set up a bowl of peanuts below this convenient perch, hoping that the Jay would be enticed to sit here, which it eventually did (see below) but not before this WREN had a look in first !
Two hours of waiting brought me a photographic opportunity eventually  ;-)


Marc Heath said...

Patience well rewarded. I can't stand these bloody dark evenings, very depressing indeed.

Lancs and Lakes Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Think you mud=st have all my garden birds Warren.

You get the number off that Jay's ring? never seen a ringed Jay before



Warren Baker said...

Its dark in the afternoon too!

Warren Baker said...

That Jay was ringed by the local ringer down the lane from me, two years ago :-)

Jason K said...

The weather was awful her today too mate! Roads were seriously flooding and the likes. Lets hope tomorrow is better!

Adam said...

nice birds

ShySongbird said...

Most days it hardly gets light here, I hate it!

It was well worth waiting for the Jay on the stump photos Warren, really beautiful :-)