Saturday, 4 June 2016

As has been all week, the sky was grey and overcast this morning, but at least the wind had virtually dropped out, making it feel warmer, the forecast afternoon sunshine never materialised though!

A couple of hours this morning spent out around the Ashes Lane fields, Migrant Alley, the Greenhouse Grounds with its the associated Copse, and a walk along High House Lane overlooking Bustard Hill, produced a couple of bits of interest, firstly a freshly fledged JACKDAW was seen along Ashes Lane and a recently fledged SWALLOW was perched on one of the Greenhouses, these two species bring the 'successfully Bred' patch list to 18, hopefully 40 species will be reached this year. The KESTREL pair made a food pass at their nest box in the Greenhouse Grounds and the BUZZARD pair were up calling over the Wet Woods.

A procession of HERRING GULLS flew over the mostly birdless sheep pasture and paddocks of Migrant Alley, with them was a single LESSER BLACK BACKED GULL (51) to add to the June species list.

With the weather set to change tomorrow ( sunny and warm all day according to the forecast ) I can look forward to getting out early for a long 'full patch walk', as well as fit some Dragonfly hunting in...........we will see!


Derek Faulkner said...

Murky and very humid on the marsh early this morning but now at 4.20, we have very warm sunshine - first sun for a week!

Warren Baker said...

Derek, it's coming our way then!