Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Patchy cloud allowed some warm sunshine this morning, a nice change!

I spent just 90 minutes out this morning, most of that time was spent waiting around under the KESTREL nest box at the Greenhouse Grounds trying to ascertain how many fledgings there were. After 10 minutes of hanging about and glimpsing just one Juvenile in the box, the adult female flew in with a prey item, this brought out out three juveniles that posed nicely on the edge of the box, then a few minutes later a fourth was spotted peering out (see last photo). So four young Kestrels it is! A good brood for this declining raptor  :-)

Nearby, I watched a pair of PIED WAGTAILS bringing food to a well hidden nest site, shouldn't be long before the young fledge from that nest too.

Ready to go!

The bird on the far right seems to be the younger of the brood

You can just see the head of the fourth bird peering out  :-)


Pete Woodruff said...

Excellent set of the Kestrel juveniles, and the last one showing the fourth bird peering between the feet can only be described as 'cute'.

Didn't get out myself today, so here I am wasting my life away staring at a computer screen.

Warren Baker said...

I only had a short visit pete, but an enjoyable one :-)

Johnnykinson said...

Such a joy to see those four young Kestrels, especially as you said Warren for a declining species. Just love the images.

Warren Baker said...

Hi John,
Yes, its a nice success story for my patch, something to cheer about!