Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Thundery rain this morning meant a late patch visit. However, once the rain passed it became sunny, warm and very humid.

I headed over to the Scrubby Woods, passing through the Small Holding and wet Woods en route, where in the former I heard the LITTLE OWL calling and in the latter the first MALLARD young of the year were found swimming on the refilled pools of water, the 22nd species to go on this years 'Successfully Bred'' patch list

I continued the search for newly fledged bird species once in the Scrubby Woods, plus of course kept an eye open for Odonata, of which a couple of Azure and White-legged Damselflies were seen, as well as a few Beautiful Demoiselles and singles of Broad Bodied Chaser and Black tailed skimmer. I didn't find any more new species to the Successfully Bred list, though I'm sure there must be Blackbird young out there somewhere!

BUZZARDS were up calling as I walked the woods and a SPARROWHAWK flew through at speed, the KESTRELS brought up the trio of Raptor species seen when the male was observed hunting over the Ashes Lane Fields as I walked home.

Immature Black -tailed Skimmer

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Derek Faulkner said...

I was surprised that you had thundery rain this morning, it was hot and sunny from the start on The Swale this morning, so hot in fact that because my older dog was flagging a bit, I cut short my visit. It has remained like that all day. Cooler and rainy for the weekend though.