Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The showers were fewer this morning, with short spells of sunshine in between, but an increasing SW wind kept things cool.

I visited most of my patch today, and during the 3 hour visit found 46 bird species with only Mistlethrush, Long Tailed Tit, Sparrowhawk and Pheasant missing from the regular resident species.

It was good to see the LESSER WHITETHROAT again at the Greenhouse Grounds, I just need to confirm successful breeding by finding some newly fledged ones! The same can be said for the COMMON WHITETHROATS, also at the Greenhouse Grounds, their young must be ready to fledge soon. I did however find the first BLACKCAP fledglings, they were over at the Scrubby Woods, 3 recently fledged young were huddled together in a bramble bush, whilst being fed by both parents.

A surprise KINGFISHER (61) was on the lakes, it flew across all three water bodies, calling loudly as it went, obviously aware of the BUZZARD at the top of a bankside tree and the KESTREL that was mobbing it! At least the months species list has now moved from last place to joint second last place ! Both the Mute swans have now departed the lakes, but there was a GREY HERON present, along with a few MALLARDS and a new MOORHEN family.

Still no action for the camera!!!!!!!!!

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Marc Heath said...

After heavy rain early afternoon, it turned out nice and sunny about 4pm down here. Just in time for my visit to Westbere Lakes. At least the camera got some action!