Thursday, 2 June 2016

Once again it was overcast and dreary this morning, with a cold wind blowing in from the North.

I dragged myself out, but only lasted 90 minutes, as there was very little about. I was out long enough to walk the fields of Migrant Alley and look through the Greenhouse Grounds, I like to check up on the KESTRELS, which were ok, with the male up hunting and the female at the nest box. I noted SWIFT (47) and HERRING GULL (48) flying through, two more for the June list, but didn't find any more newly fledged bird species.

Later in the day it almost brightened up, but failed dismally to do so, however, it was enough to tempt me to try and take some garden photo's, I was after the JAY that paid a brief visit again, but it stayed away during my photo shoot, I did get a few other images though, but in poor light :-(

This female BLACKBIRD has young somewhere close by, but I have found no recent fledged ones yet.

The JACKDAWS are nesting in the chimney pots of nearby houses

Up to 5 pairs visit regularly at this time of year, just depends how much food I put out!

I also get a pair of MAGPIES coming in, they are very wary though, persecuted to oblivion as they are!


Derek Faulkner said...

I think this morning on the marsh broke all records for how cold I've been in June, it wasn't a pleasant walk round, more an endurance test.

Warren Baker said...

I dont mind getting cold in winter, I expect it, or even wet and cold, but it's different in summer!