Friday, 3 June 2016

Once again it was overcast and grey this morning, with a cool Northerly wind.

In the un summer like conditions very little was happening on my patch, certainly no Dragonflies or Butterflies to be seen, but I did add a couple of bird species to the June list, with a few HOUSE MARTINS (49) being seen feeding over High House Lane / Bustard Hill, along with half a dozen SWIFTS. A SPARROWHAWK (50) that flew along Ashes Lane brought up the 50th species for the month. Other than a BUZZARD flying over the Wet Woods, nothing else of much note was found on my short 2 hour visit.


Derek Faulkner said...

Yep, still unbelievably cold on the marsh this morning and forced to get my winter jumpers out of the wardrobe - but next week, once we get the schools back - it promises to be very warm, hooray!

Warren Baker said...

I promise I wont say ''it's too hot'' then Derek :-)